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Remington MPT-3500 Smooth & Silky Pen Trimmer

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The Remington Pen Trimmer works for Men too!


As noted in the title, I am a man, and to be honest, as I get up in years, I have to put forth more effort to keep my appearance in check. I find nose hairs and ear hair more and more plentiful and I bought this little Remmington not too long ago to help me maintain my inner wolfman at bay. Although I haven't owned this product too long and thus can't speak to its durability, I am definitely enjoying this product in how easy it is to use and how painless the hair removal process has become. I quite prefer this product vs the nose and ear hair trimmers targeted to males that are ploddingly slow to use and not all that effective around the countours of your nostrils and earlobes. I recommend this product instead.

Campbell Hall, NY


Remington Smooth and Silky Pen Trimmer beats plucking!


Remington Smooth and Silky Pen Trimmer is great. Its so easy to use. Just put in the AAA battery (that is provided) and turn it on. it works very well. it removes the hair easily but you have to be careful because its easy to mess up. The tool comes with a cap, comb, and two size trimmers for great precision. The only negative is that I tried emptying the hair and a piece came off. i was affriad that I had broken it. Fortunatly it went back on though so be careful with that

San Francisco, CA


great for women!


The Remington MPT-3500 is practically an essential for women!  This pen trimmer is discrete enough to carry in any bag, quiet enough to trim without your significant other listening and asking, and does a great job too.  This product works with DRY hair at its best, though.  It comes with a triple a battery needed to power it, an eyebrow comb and a cap.  The eyebrow comb has a long and short side to shape your brows perfectly when the hair gets too long.  For any ladies who have facial hair issues, this does a pretty good job.  To be honest, it does its best when used as a *personal* trimmer, if you catch my drift.  It does an excellent job at leaving a clean shave, but the blade has a tendency to get clogged and particles can get easily caught, and because it's so inexpensive, I think they expect you to rebuy them often since the motor tends to run down quickly.  It's the best thing out there that works, so even if you have to rebuy, it's worth it.

Northbrook, IL


Remington MPT-3500 Smooth & Silky Pen Trimmer

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