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Remington MB-200 Beard Trimmer

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A CUT above the rest


I've used several of the trimmers for the past 15 years or so. I've tried many brands from Conair to wahl, Panasonic and Norelco. None of them seemed to last. Since I've switched to Remington brands I've been completely happy. It cuts my beard evenly, trims my moustache with ease. It has many settings for your desired length. The blade stays sharp. The clean up is easy. I could go on and on. The only model I ever had any trouble with was the one that collected the hair. It got wet inside there and it was impossible to clean out without water and eventually it killed the motor. As long as you stay away from that model, you'll have a trimmer that lasts several years. Which is key. Like I said before I must have gone through a dozen of these in 15 years. It's like they were disposable razors not beard trimmers. But since I switched to the Remington models I've never looked back, they truly are a cut above the rest!!!

Bridgeport, CT


the Remington MB-200 trimmer is a good buy


My husband keeps a mustache and in the winter he grows a beard out to keep his face warm because he works outdoors. I have gotten him several different trimmers in the past, but they all were not good. Even a very pricey trimmer only held up for a few trims. I saw many good reviews for the Remington MB-200 trimmer and decided to get it for him. It is so easy to use. Just plugged it in to charge right out of the box. The led light shows it is charging. I like that it can't be overcharged too, so you can leave it plugged in between uses. I especially love that it has a built in length selector wheel to give you 9 length choices. No small pieces to keep up with! It does come with a trimmer guard attachment. It never needs lube or sharpened. It doesn't pull my husband's hair at all. It does a great job trimming up his beard and defining the beard line as well. To look at it, it doesn't look fancy like some others, but it does a great job at trimming. And the price is outstanding!

Cottondale, AL


Remington MB-200 Beard Trimmer

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