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Rechargeable Electric Shaver
Remington Electric Shaver BLACKF3790

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It shaves okay once or twice.


I can get a better, quicker shave with a blade. Around the third time using it, it would barely shave. I would shave over and over the same spot with no success. It was very frustrating and time consuming. I wouldn't consider sending this product to my worse enemy.


Kansas City, KS


An Inexpensive Shaver That Does Him Good


I picked up this inexpensive Black "Remington F3790 Shaver" for the other-half here. He seemed to go thru heaps of the disposables, so I thought this would be better for him. I was right....This is so much better! This little shaver definitely does the job! All ya do is connect the power cord, charge it for 24 hours and you're ready to go! The full charge time is a good 16 hours. There's an on/off switch, Screens, Hairpocket, Hairpocket release buttons, Pop-Up trimmer, Head guard, Power adapter, Power port and a Cleaning brush. The trimmer button gives ya the option to trim long or short hair, such as difficult hairs or sideburns. This is way to easy to use and easy to clean, something he can do on his own, which is a plus! I would highly recommend this to a friend!


obɐɔıɥɔ, IL


Remington Electric Shaver BLACKF3790

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