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Remeron Mirtazapine

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Mirtazpine (Remeron) - Doesn't work well for me


I had an imbalance in my brain chemistry and was prescribed anti-depressant medications.  I was also having trouble sleeping, so my doctor prescribed Mirtzapine which is the generic for Remeron.  Remeron is also used to treat depression. You will develop a tolerance to most prescription sleep medications over time if you use them regularly; but I seem to develop that tolerance very quickly.  With some new medications that my doctor has prescribed, I received no benefit at all.  The Mirtzapine's ability to help me relax and fall asleep was quickly reduced to -0- within two weeks even though I only took the medication sporadically. Each person reacts differently to each medication.  If your doctor prescribes Remeron (Mirtzapine) for you, be sure to do two important things:  Give him/her a complete list of any other medications or supplements that you are taking; and be sure to discuss any possible side effects.  I do not endorse this medication in any way.  Do not be swayed by my comments just because this medication does not work well for me...It might work very well for you!


Madison, OH


Remeron has helped me relax and sleep through the night


I have needed medication for depression for 28 years. I have used many different combinations of medications. I also have a post traumatic brain injury which has magnified my depression symptoms. I do not have manic/depression or bi-polar in the sense that I have manic episodes. Even though my depression makes me lethargic, I am one who is not able to sleep when depressed. I found myself sleeping fitfully and then waking often so I was not getting enough sleep. Because I had taken so many different anti-depressents, my doctor was running out of options for me. I had used Remeron before but had to stop because my type of insurance would only pay for the generic: mirtazapine. I found that this did not work as well for me. All the health professionals have told me that the generic works as well as the name brand. As I am getting stronger, I realized that even though the generic does not work as well for me, it did help my depression and allowed me to go to sleep. I would recommend anyone to try this if nothing else worked.


Jackson, MO


remeron antidepressent medication helps in several ways


remeron antidepressant medication makes a big differance in treatment for me. i am a bipolor sufferer and have frequent mood changes. remeron helps me control them. remeron also aids in my sleep problems. overall a good antidepressent medication.


Oklahoma City, OK


Thank you for this


I have been suffering from Depression/Anexity/Insomnia for quite a while.  I have tried many many different things, and to be honest none have worked for me.  I started Remeron just about 4 weeks ago.  Now I know most people think that the higher the dose the better it will work or should work at least.  I strongly encourage anyone who is considering this medication to use the lowest dose possible.  I take 15mg and it does the trick to lull me off to sleep as opposed to knocking me out cold like most hypnotics do.  I would add this medication in additon to others you take.


Portland, OR


Remeron Mirtazapine

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