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Remanufactured LG 55 Inch 1080P 120HZ Smart HDTV W/ WIFI - 55LB6100


LG 55LB6100 - 55" Class ( 54.6" viewable ) - LB6100 Series LED TV - Smart TV - 1080p (FullHD)

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Ok, I'm will start out by saying that I am not a big TV watcher. My husband loves to watch his shows every day, but I prefer Netflix, Hulu, and other online streaming movies/shows. That being said, this TV is PERFECT for that use! I love having a "smart TV" so that I don't have to purchase an add on item to try to connect to the internet. I have had other smart TVs in the past, and they were always really slow connecting. This TV is fast and streams flawlessly. The next major feature that I love about this TV is the design. It is beautiful! We have ours sitting on top of a fireplace in our bedroom and it is so much more beautiful than other TVs we have owned in the past. There isn't a thick frame around the screen and the stand is completely different than typical tv stands. The only downside of this TV would have to be the remote. I do not particularly like the design of the remote and I have had some issues with it being slow/not connecting properly to the TV. I feel like I have to hold it up in the air in order for it to connect properly. This is an easy fix, however. We have a universal remote that we connected to all of our devices and we either just use that or we use the game controller from the Xbox. I would recommend this TV to anyone who is looking for one that is both beautiful and has a lot of great features. Great purchase!

Hendersonville, NC


Best Investment Ever !


Well, this was my Christmas present to myself this year. I now watch more online tv than I do broadcast. Wonderful, I can use the internet for anything. Has the best picture ever. I thought I had gotten an HD by mistake ! Gives it almost a 3-D effect ! You won't go wrong with this tv. THe only problem is the remote for internet, slow going. But if you have a game, you can use the controller.

Mesa, AZ


Remanufactured LG 55 Inch 1080P 120HZ Smart HDTV W/ WIFI - 55LB6100

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