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Reliance 5-gallon Collapsible Water Carrier

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Great value - Convenient


A must for bringing safe drinking water anywhere you're not sure of a safe source. These are durable, heavy duty and practical. I hauled 5 of these in the back of a pickup truck for four hours in mid winter. The water froze solid but the container held up faultlessly. Unloaded them, thawed them out and had a good supply of fresh water.



great to carry water, a pain to clean


I started to use this container when i started to hunt to bring water to the cabin, I now use a hard plastic container. The flexability of this product makes it great to store away till you need it but it was a pain to clean and the container would flex when it was full making it hard to carry.

Milwaukee, WI


Easy way to have lots of water at your campsite


When I'm car camping I like to have a lot of water at the site, especially if I don't have a water spigot nearby to be able to quickly refill bottles.  Not only that, but when I'm out backpacking sometimes it's handy to have the ability to have plenty of water at the campsite, especially when you've camping with a big group. *In those cases, that's where the **Reliance 5 Gallon Fold A Carrier** water container comes in handy.*  Basically a big 5-gallon plastic bag, the Carrier is made from heavy-duty polyethylene.  This material is a plastic material that resists cracks and dents and remains pliable.  It's not completely indestructible though, the Carrier can rip or tear. On the bag there is a plastic handle on top that let's you carry the bag and there's also a spigot that you can turn on and off to get the water out of the bag.  The spigot unscrews and you can fill the Carrier that way.  I usually have the Carrier when I'm on car camping trips. The Carrier holds enough water at my campsite for an afternoon and evening of camping, cooking and drinking.  I have also taken the Carrier backpacking with me, though usually only when I need a lot water at the campsite (say when camping with a big group). **My Take ** The **Reliance 5 Gallon Fold A Carrier **water container is handy to have when camping so that you can have plenty of water at your campsite.

Metrowest, MA


A convenient way to store water at your campsite


The **Reliance 5 Gallon Collapsible Water Carrier** is a good product for storing water for outdoor activities.  I use this water container on camping trips and, while not perfect, have found it to a good product overall.   Unlike water carriers with a rigid design, the **Reliance 5 Gallon Collapsible Water Carrier **is made of flexible polyethelene that is lightweight and can be folded up. As an added bonus, the polyethelene does not impart a plastic taste into the water (in my experience).  This water container is pretty durable too despite its flexible design; it has not cracked.   Water can be poured into the **Reliance 5 Gallon Collapsible Water Carrier **through the opening that is nearly 2 inches across. You could fit ice cubes into the opening if you wanted. A plastic spigot screws onto the opening that also has a shut off valve for easy dispensing of water.   The water carrier has a rigid plastic handle on top for carrying it. If you fill the container be aware that it will weigh about 40 pounds and its shape could be distorted somewhat (since it is not rigid). In theory though its filled-up size is roughly 13 '' X 13" X 13" and the handle is firmly attached; it will not come off.   The only real complaint I have about the **Reliance 5 Gallon Collapsible Water Carrier **is that the flexible nature of its design means that it does not sit squarely on a table. It can sag a little or easily tilt to one side if only partially filled. But overall this water container is a good size for camping, can be folded up for storage, and has been reliably durable.

Denver, CO


Reliance 5-gallon Collapsible Water Carrier

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