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Reli On
Reli On Reli On insulin syringes

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The nice needle


Being a diabetic and finding the right needle is hard to do. The needles come in all sizes from small to large. To thick to thin. I found these work the best for me. They are the smallest needle and they dont bruise me that often. They go in smoothly and I dont bleed when I take them out. Not bruising is a good thing for me. With the small needle it is easier for me to rotate my sites in where I dispense my insulin. The plunger is easy to break for disposal. Other needles it is harder to break it.  I use a 30 gauge or 05cc needle and have had no problems with getting bumps or scar tissue. With other needles I had noticed I was getting scar tissue and I wasnt absorbing insulin enough. I switched to these and they have worked wonders for me. They come in sterile packs of ten and ten bags per box.  I have also seen some where they were individually wrapped so all you did was grab one out of the box and not worry about contaminating a whole bag by opening it.  They also offer coupons on their website to help in the purchase of multiple boxes per month


Buffalo, NY


Reli On Reli On insulin syringes

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