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Relaxation Seat Cushion

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A seat cushion you can use anywhere you go.


  I have had many chances to travel, and each experience has been awesome. I have one problem with traveling though, it seems that after the first  250 miles or so my left leg has deep pain inside my thigh. So on any long trip we do our best to stop and walk around to keep those muscles relaxed. But it always comes back.   On our most recent trip to North Carolina, we stopped in one of the ever present Wal-marts and picked up a product called Relaxation Seat Cushion, This seat cushion is simply placed on top of your car seat.  Useing space-age technology, the Relaxaion Seat Cushion is soft, waterproof, has a carring handle so you can use it anywhere you want to, it is also very lightweight. The Relaxation Seat Cushion  is put out by  Ultimate Relaxation Laboratories.  Address 41 James Way Eatontown, NJ 07724. Phone (732) 542-8400. Their web address is ultimaterelaxationlabs.com. This information is on the cardboard packageing I have not personally contacted them so I hope it is still current.   While the Relaxation Seat Cushion makes no claim other than it helps relieve aching pressure on the tailbone and spine. This seat cushion help stop the ach in my leg as well. I have dealt with this problem for years now, and what turns out to help, but a Relaxation Seat Cushion.   If you go to games and have to sit on any hard surface this seat cushion should be with you. I would take it to work, anywhere long periods of sitting is required. This seat cushion is worth every bit of the 19.99 I paid at Wal-mart. Everyone pick up this seat cushion as soon as you can, and then sit and enjoy.   They offer a phone number for questions or comments, 1-800-445-1797.


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Relaxation Seat Cushion

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