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Regis Tea Tree Shampoo

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Helps with dandruff and keeping lice away!!


I added Regis Tea Tree Shampoo/Conditioner to our haircare regimen last year. I have sensitive skin so anything with heavy scents will buildup super fast on my scalp and cause my to itch like crazy, it drives me mad. It doesn't help that my hair is dark so it makes so super self conscious that people can see the dandruff. I talked to my beautician and she recommended I add Regis Tea Tree Shampoo to my haircare routine, I'm so happy she did. I don't not wash my hair everyday more like every 2nd or sometimes (very rarely) 3rd day so I use this product every other time I wash my hair. Since I've started using this product I've had a major reduction in dandruff and my hair and scalp feel healthy and happy. I love how it makes my scalp feel tingly and cool when I'm using it. Plus it smells amazing!! Another reason I love this and recommend it is for anyone who has school age daughters. I was so worried about having my daughter catching lice from school or anywhere so I had her start using Regis Tea Tree Shampoo once a week to make as a lice repellant and it WORKS!! Several of her classmates have gotten lice multiple times but she is he only girl in her class not to have gotten it and it's because of the minty smell of this tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner we've been using. Try Regis Tea Tree Shampoo if you can relate to anything I've written here and I assure you,you will not be disappointed!!!



Regis Tea Tree Shampoo Helps with any type of Dandruff


I used to have really bad dandruff until I discovered Regis' Tea tree shampoo. This product helps make me feel like I just walked out of the salon with how light and smooth my hair felt after I washed and styled it. It really smells good even after you wash your hair.



Regis Tea Tree Oil Shampoo feels good and is great for your hair


I love the Regis Tea Tree Oil Shampoo because of the tingling feeling and how great it does for my hair. I also have psoriasis and it helps calm that and to make it manageable. I would recommend this product to anyone suffering from psoriasis or any other kind of skin condition that resides on the scalp. Overall I absolutely love this product.

Jensen Beach, FL


Regis Tea Tree Shampoo

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