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Color-Enhancing Shampoo
Regis Silver Shine

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good to keep brassiness away after bleaching!


Regis Silver Shine was great to keep my hair from going brassy after bleaching or highlighting my hair. I didn't like the lather though, I like a much richer lather. I also noticed while my hair never turned red, that my hair was not shiny, easy to manage, or healthy looking. These are all very important to me because i compete in pageants and your hair is supposed to be one of your most prized possesions on stage, other than your talent act:)   The color is purple and I found that with my new bleach blonde highlights this purple color did keep away redness after a while but at first my hair was tinted purple. After you bleach your hair you are stripping it of all it's color which means the shaft of your hair is thirsty and looking to absorb any moisture it is introduced to, including this purple shampoo. You can only imagine... Also, Silky soft hair is very important to me and this shampoo does not have a partnering conditioner!  

Dacula, GA


Regis Silver Shine

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