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Regions Bank - Platinum Plus MasterCard with WorldPoints Rewards

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Regions Mastercard cares about it customers.


Over many years of using credit cards I find that so many do not take care of the customer. With any and all problems that I have incured this is the only company that I felt I got concern and immediate resolve. They are up front and honest. I have been a member since 1982, and although I have tried other credit card companines I have given them all up, because of the trust and security I have with Regions Mastercard. The industry is facing so many changes, and Regions has made everything easy to understand. If you have any questions they are just a phone call away. With the fall of so many fininacial institutions it gave me great comfort to see the Regions wasn't one of those companies. There judgement in my opinion has always been sound, and if I've ever needed a credit upgrade there has never been a problem with them. So it is with any hesitation that I give them a thump's up. They rates are fair and I'm very happy with them.

Little Rock, AR


Regions Bank - Platinum Plus MasterCard with WorldPoints Rewards

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