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Regent University - MBA

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Regent Universty started as a Christian Broadcasting Company. Pat Roberts started this adventure,and later branched out to offer the public a Christian University. Again growing  and branched into a well respeted Law School. One of the top respected Law schools in the country, Later it branched out into the Business Field, offering an MBA graduate degree. It also offers a Production degree, in which they offer the public many opportunities to come and see their productions. Before it became a famous Law school, the Broadcasting Network offered the opportunity for the public to come and see a live taping of their guest, to be broadcasted over their television braodcat network, which consists of famous people One such famous individual was Alex Haley when he wrote his first book, "Roots". The public was invited and served lunch and was encourged to buy copies of the book and have it signed by the author. I also understand they offer scholarships for derserving students that otherwise would nto be able to attend college. This University has a lot of History.

Virginia Beach, VA


Regent University - MBA

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