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Regal Kitchen Pro Bread Maker

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mmmmmm smell the bread baking!


I use this bread making machine all the time!   Not only do I make my own dough for this machine, using the cookbook that came along with the unit,   but I also buy the boxes of bread mix when it is on sale at my local grocery store so that it is even a better deal!   Nothing is better than smelling the aroma of bread baking on a cold winter day!   Or for the holidays when you don't really have time to knead and knead and knead the homemade dough!  Just pour all the ingredients into the non stick pan and set the unit for how light or dark you want the crust and voila!   Everything automatically begins and goes through all the cycles in the correct order and for the right amount of time for each cycle.  In no time you begin to smell the bread baking.  It is nice because you can also use the breadmaker to bake other things like brownies,  cupcakes, or just a regular cake.   So,  not only can you bake and have the smell of the homemade bread,  you can have other smells and quality baking products in your home with much less mess and less time!

Baden, PA


The regal kitchen pro is just that, quick and easy to use.


I bought my  breadmaker the Regal Kitchen Aid Pro at a discount store and I love it. This is the first breadmaker I have owned myself but not the first I have used. I like the brand Regal and trust it to give me good quality. I fired it up as soon as a got home from buying it and in a very short time my family and I were enjoying the smell and taste of fresh homemade bread. I made a easy one the first time "Country White" and it was very easy to make and tasted great. The next day I made rasin bread and it turned out perfectly . Imy family and I love the timer feature. I load the bread maker before bed , set the timer and when we wake up we have hot fresh bread to serve with breakfast. I also like that I can multi-task with this maching. Not olye does it make great bread fast I have used the breadmake to cook yummy refrigrator jam. I made pear jam with fresh pears from my neighbors tree. The recipe is very simple and the instruction / recipe book that came with the breadmaker has more than a dozen bread recipes and a good number of jam recipes as well. Making jam on the stove is a hugh pain but using the breadmaker I had a very good quality jam made in less than one hour. You can also use this model of bread maker for cooking rice. I have made rice a few times with my breadmaker but I found that using a breadmaker to cook rice takes way too long compaired to the stove top. The rice turend out great it was light fluffy and cooked perfectly. The rice was not clumpy or dry at all. The only thing I do not like about cooking rice with my breadmaker is that is takes about three times as long as cooking rice on the stove. So in conclusion I wold recomend this breadmaker to everyone. Use it for bread use it for making jelly and jam but stick to the stove for making rice.

Wyoming, MI


Regal Kitchen Pro Bread Maker

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