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Regal Bread Maker

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good little unit


I purchased this product many years ago and used it regularly for more than two years before packing it away. I recently "rediscovered" it and have again been using it regularly. For the price, it's a good little unit. The bread and dough turns out the same each time. I've had no issues with it, and would recommend it to anyone looking to get into bread machine use. It makes a good size loaf for two people and there are many recipes online from which to select.

New England


Delicious bread maker


This is my first and only experience using a bread-maker, but have been thoroughly impressed with the Regal Bread Maker.  A detailed recipe book accompanies it and has a variety of bread recipes as well as other dishes (such as rice). This bread machine allows you to change the darkness of the crust, make different types of bread (basic, wheat), or make just dough.  I haven't ventured out of the recipe book much, but my family has enjoyed all the loaves I've tried.  Frequently the bread vanishes more quickly than I would like because it is so good (especially fresh). I generally make 2-4 loaves per week.  Most of the recipes give ingredients for 1 or 1.5 pound loaves, but I've always used the 1.5 pound option when available. The kneader and pan are simple to install and fairly easy to clean.  There is also a door to the machine that is fairly easily removed if needed to clean.  The control panel is a touch pad that facilitates easy cleaning.

Greer, SC


The Regal K6750 is an easy to use, good product.


The Regal K6750 is a simple, cleanly designed bread machine.  I have made everything from plain white bread to hawaiian sweet bread.  It even makes delicious cinnamon raison bread.  It gives you the option to make a light, medium, or dark crust, and is pretty accurate in cooking the bread according to the crust style you chose.  It has preset modes for cooking basic, or white bread, french bread, and whole wheat bread.  It also has a rapid setting.  In addition, it can do only part of the bread-making process for you if you so desire. It can make just the dough for you to take out, shape as you desire, allow to rise a final time and then cook in the oven. Not only that, it can also be used just to bake dough you have already mixed.  The only downside to this machine is that the loaf pan is a square that is larger than sandwich loafs.  It makes bread into a shape like an eight-by-eight-by 12 brick.  This may be common for bread machines, I wouldnt know as this is my first one, but I have taken to using the dough option for the bread I use for sandwiches most oftern and cooking them seperately in the oven.

Mayfield, KY


Regal Bread Maker

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