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Regal Bread Maker

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Regal Bread Maker works great for everything we need it to do!


Our Regal Breadmaker was a hand-me-down from my in-laws, I'm not sure exactly how old it is, but it works fantastic! There are only a few settings to choose from, which actually makes it less complicated because you pretty much just put all the ingredients in and press start, a little while later you have fresh bread! The pan that all the ingredients go into is removeable and very easy to clean. The bread slides out when it's done and I've never had it stick to the inside. The whole machine is very lightweight and easy to clean the outside as well. Sometimes the ingredients will get off centered and it will wobble on the countertop (like when the washing machine gets off balance) but i've never had that affect how the loaf turned out. We make at least 1 loaf of 'regular' wheat bread a week and 2-3 loaves a month of special flavored breakfast or dessert-like breads. It's a workhorse machine and I love it!

Powder Springs, GA


Regal Bread Maker

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