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Reel Smart
Reel Smart Never-Crank Hose Reel

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no hassle!


being that i have carpal tunnel syndrome, winding up the hose was always a pain-literally.  i don't have a lot of water pressure but with a little patience, the hose gets wound up without me hurting my hand.....a little pricey but cheaper than buying new hoses every spring.

Buies Creek, NC


Compact, handles up to 100 ft. hose, powered by water, EASY!


I got tired of hand cranked hose reels or worse yet, trying to just coil 100 ft. hose neatly by hand. I had been looking for a better solution and this is FANTASTIC! No cords, no wires, no batteries and portable. I can easily relocate the hose reel to a different outdoor spigot. The best part is it takes no time to wind up the hose AND when I go to use it the next time, it unrolls fast, cleanly with no kinks and makes whatever chore much easier to get to. It came with a 2 year warranty and a reasonable pricetag. I found mine at a national home improvement chain. I also noted that there were several models by the same company so there may be one just perfect for your use. Look for the "Hydro-Pro System" logo; that is the system which is employed to wind the hose using water pressure. It's even fun to use!

Houston, TX


Reel Smart Never-Crank Hose Reel

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