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ES 9500
Reebok Treadmill

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Great machine to get you moving


I purchased this treadmill on a sale at Cosco and snagged it at a very reasonable price. It took me a while to assemble it as the components were quite heavy and needed two people to put it together. However once it was assembled it just wowed me. The overall look of the machine is very elegant and professional. The motor seems quite sturdy and it comes with a life time warranty, which is great. The display panel is easy to read and operate. It has ability to track individual progress based on the sign in. It also has in-built training programs which would set the speed, incline and time for you automatically. It has a heart rate monitor, an i-pod dock with inbuilt speakers. It also shows the calories burned, miles walked and things of that nature. I think for a beginner it is a perfect start up treadmill as it hooks them on instantly. The treadmill is not hard on legs and the incline feature is great. I do think that the motor is a bit loud and you have to turn the music up alot to avoid hearing it.

Sugar Land, TX


This is a sophiticated machine that will indiviualize the workou


The treadmill is a well built sopisticated machine.  One can customize the work out for the indiviual.  It has teh ability to connect to the tv cable or satellite system that you have.  The speakers are good, abd has good sound and picture.  It takes a little time setting the system up for the individual workout.  It weighs a ton and cannot be easily relocated from one room to another especaially if you are moving it to another floor in your house.  Setup time to put it together takes over an hour and the right tools are a must.  I does not come with tools that are needed.  Once setup, it give a good and thurogh work out.  The retail price of the machine is too high.  We got this at a charity auction for a third the price.  I'm not sure I would have gotten it had we not gotten it at the auction.  Having the sound and tv is a plus, but also requires special equipment to hook it up.  I would rate it 4 of 5 stars.

Denver, CO


Reebok Treadmill

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