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Reebok - Pedometer+pulse

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Good aid in your running or walking


Reebok pedometer is a very useful device for runners, jogger and walkers. It is called pedometer but it has so many other useful features in it. It easily straps to your pants and calculates everything you need to know while you are exercising. It calculates pulse when you put your thumb on the special spot on the side of the pedometer. It has light that comes out from the bottom of the device. I am not sure what this is for. Nonetheless the screen is not lighted. That's the only its disadvantage to my opinion. It has a mode button which gives you the following options: timer and distance record all on one screen, calories that you burnt per mile, you can even set a desired amount of calories you want to burn and it will tell you if you managed to do it or not, step counter and time. I usually use only one feature, timer and distance recorder. You can set the timer when you start running and stop it when you are done. It will show you for how long you ran and how far you went. You can reset the time with up/clr button but you can't reset the millage. So I have to subtract today's millage from yesterday's millage to find out how far I went today. Plus it has another little odd feature. Even when you are done running and stop the timer, and for example are just walking it still somehow adds more millage to whatever was on the screen when you stopped the timer. Other than that the device is cute, it's red, it's not heavy and really shows the most important information you need.  

Tuscaloosa, AL


Reebok - Pedometer+pulse

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