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Reebok 2.80 HP Crosswalk Treadmill

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Great way to get your exercise in regardless of the weather!


I've always made excuses for not exercising, mostly related to the weather outside.  Now that I have this treadmill, that excuse no longer gets in my way.      This is a great treadmill with all the bells and whistles.  The cushioned support under the belt makes it very comfortable to walk and jog on.   The adjustable arm poles are great to keep your hands up and moving (so your fingers don't get numb, if you have that problem when you walk).   I really love the fan blowing on me as I workout so I don't get too warm.    I haven't done much with the preprogrammed exercise routines yet, but I am very impressed with the ifit workouts on memory card; they give you motivation and coaching and even remind you to breathe and take drinks of water.   There are cup-holders on both sides, and a ledge for a book or magazine to rest on.     The biggest CON I have found is that the volume is not adjustable.  I sometimes put a magazine or book in front of the speaker to quiet it down a little.   Otherwise, it's great!

Portland, OR


Reebok 2.80 HP Crosswalk Treadmill Is a Miracle Worker.


I am a avid runner. You will always catch me running around town or for my local running club. Once summer time came around I was motivated to get into better shape and lose some weight and go back to the good old days where I could run 5k's no problem. I happened to buy this treadmill and I feel in love with it from the minute I got it. I ran on it every day while doing fartleks and tempo runs and found that this machine is great on your joints and has very low impact. It is simple to use and yet it is still very high tech. I never owned a treadmill before but I would still say this is the best treadmill I ever used. It comes with different types of workouts (although I personalize my own). I would recommend this machine to young aspiring runners trying to get faster and/or stronger and I would also recommend this on older people who are just trying to lose weight. This machine helped me while I was recovering through an injury and I lost a lot of weight using this machine. It is a great buy

Egg Harbor Township, NJ


I love the personal trainer option.


I just recently bought this treadmill.  I used to run at the park but recently moved and havent been able to make it to the park to run.  The reason this treadmill caught my eye is that it has 60 personal trainer programs. You insert a disk and the trainer will talk to you and the computer will automatically change the settings for you (ie incline and speed).  With 60 different programs you cant get bored!

Houston, TX


Reebok 2.80 HP Crosswalk Treadmill

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