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Redken Guts Volume Spray Foam

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Gives my hair life and body =Guts all the way!


Since moving to Colorado I have tried lots of products to try and get my hair looking like it did at sea level - being a 'mile high' is tough on the hair and skin. This product gives the best result for me. I have had no problem with it clumpng or looking like a 'product head'. The result is healthy looking hair that has life and body.

Colorado Springs, CO


Redken Guts is best volume ever!


Redkin Guts takes just that to use cause it gives so major body! I was amazed at just how much body it gave my hair! it's not a foam or gel, it's a liquid spray so I thought it would take so much since it felt like I was spraying some watered down product on my hair. boy was I wrong! I actually had to wash my hair and redo cause I put to much in! so be very careful, less is more with this product! I love how you spray it it like it's hair spray or something cause that means no more messy hands or to much product in one spot! it's very easy to control also! it does take heat for it to stiffen up so don't use it unless you plan to blow dry! it can be tricky at first knowing just how much you'll need but once you learn it works wonders! helps keep your hair up all day! easy to brush though also and there's no flakes if you do! price is good to me for the size of the can! Redken is an all around great product line and I don't think they'll ever make something I hate!

Hartselle, AL


Woo hoo for a great volumizer!


Once again, my stylist recommended this product and I'm very happy with it!  I have lots of hair, but it's very fine, and I struggle with a lot of volumizers weighing my hair down.  Not so with the Guts 10.  My hair feels soft and silky all day with no feeling of product when you touch it, and yet I get great volume.  The product lasts for a long time as well, so this is definitely a good pick!

Tulsa, OK


Great for teasing


I use this product on wet hair then blow dry and tease at the roots, I get great volume with it. Only downside I don't like how it makes my hair feel, but thats a sacrvice I'm willing to make for big hair.

Custer, WA


Guts is good but not the best I've tried


So I bought Guts from my hair stylist because my hair seems to be getting limp as it gets longer. I used it as directed on the can (towel dried hair, applied to roots in many sections, blow dryed with round brush) but the results weren't as fantastic as other products I have tried. I have used a similar product by Aquage called Root Boost which I loved but its hard to find. Guts gave me some volume but not as much as I hoped. I also don't like how it gives a dry/hard feeling to your hair once dried. It almost feels like I hairsprayed then brushed my hair. But along with that, I do like that it allows me to skip a day of washing because it doesn't get as oily as quick. So overall, I think Guts is good and does the trick, but not a drastic change like Aquage Root Boost did (which is what I wanted). Oh yeah, the smell isn't that great either...kind of a hair salon smell.

Buford, GA


Redken Guts Volume Spray Foam

4.4 5