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Redken Glass

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Not great for fine hair ladies


I do have very fine hair. But I also do a lot of bleaching and a lot of heat styling, so shine is something that I often need to add back into my hair. I wanted Redken Glass to be more like Biosilk, something I could put a little in and watch my hair shine. This was not the case for me. It did give shine, but made my hair look greasy. On top of that, it was so heavy! It weighed down my style so much! I don't want to count this product out for everyone. I would just steer clear of it if your hair is fine. I have used it on the ends of my extensions before. The extension hair soaked it up, giving a bit of softness with a mass amount of glamorous shine. So I would recommend it for those with extensions in, especially blondes. For those lucky enough to have naturally thick hair, I think this would be great. It's just the weight of it that my natural hair had issues with. It is a nice serum for some, just not for everyone.





As this product is really great it can be greasy when used improperly.Only a pea size amount is necessary for normal lenth hair.Use a little more for longer or thicker hair.Can be used after shampoo for a detangler.Can be used after hair is dry for a defrizzer.Contains silicone enhancers for shine.USE SPARINGLY!!!!Great for kids who have dry tangled hair in the morning or frizz from winter hats!

Baltimore, MD


Miracle in a Bottle


I don't use many hair products, but this is a staple in my tiny arsenal. My hair is bleached blonde, but very fine. I cannot leave the house without using AT LEAST my glass or I look like my hair is fried. While this is  a bit expensive, a bottle will last you many months even if you use it every day. This is the only smoothing/shine product I have found that does not make my hair look greasy when I use it. It just does away with the frizz. I highly recommend it to anyone with dry thin hair for a quick boost.

Oxnard, CA


Redken Glass is For DRY Hair


This product is a lifesaver for those of us with naturally curly -- read: naturally dry -- hair that also happen to live in a naturally dry climate. I, personally, can put a nickel-size in my hair and have no grease problems. My sister, on the other hand, couldn't make the product work in her fine, wavy hair and finally just gave me the unused portion of the product. Redken Glass can be used in either wet or dry hair. If you are applying it to wet hair, you definitely have more leeway in using more product because of evaporation. however, it can be used in dry hair to eliminate frizz. The only downside is that it does have a slick feel to it that is actually hard to wash off of the hands. Nonetheless, I have never had any problem with this product' s building up on my hair. Oil shine products are meant to be used on really dry -- and maybe thick or coarse -- hair in order to avoid that limp look. It's a quality product, though.

Denver, CO


Redken Glass is smoke and mirrors


Maybe it's because I don't have thin hair. My hair is a bit wiry and flyaways take industrial stuff to keep them down. This serum is shiny and slippery in a non-greasy sort of way but in no way did my hair radiate or shine any more than usual. It worked well as a moisturizer for my oily skin, though! When I tried applying this stuff, more ended up on my hands than my hair. Very Dissapointed and I normally love Redken's stuff.

Bronx, NY


Redken Glass

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