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Redken Extreme Rescue Force

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Redken Extreme Rescue Force conditions, but not that well.


I love my other **Redken** products and my hair had been particularly dry for about two months; I was losing a lot of hair and it was coarse. I was searching around trying to find something to help me rescue my hair and came across this. I thought I would try it despite it being somewhat pricey because of how well the other products from this brand were. I honestly wasn't impressed. I could not find where it helped my hair any more than the regular **Redken **conditioner. It was better for me to go buy one time treatments at a beauty salon than to use this. I even left it in for the ten minutes it said to as well as using it as often as it recommended for really damaged hair, but I still don't think it helped much. I ended up buying the single use packets of a different brand and finding that those helped me more than this did. I don't know if it was because these different brands were the kind that you heat up and then put on your hair or not. I only know that I wouldn't buy this again and would not recommend it. It might work well for someone else, but not for me. I had hoped that it would keep my hair from being so dry and coarse, as that was what it was touted to do. I just found it did neither.

Longview, WA


Redken Extreme Rescue Force

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