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Redken Body Full Conditioner

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Redken Body Full conditioner the finishing touch for great hair


Redken Body Full Conditioner is absolutely the BEST conditioner I have ever used.  I usually try to find the most inexpensive product to use to stay within my budget but with my hair I cannot.  There is such a vast difference in the texture, condition, fullness and shine of my hair when I use this product versus when I do not that I must spend a little more for the results I want.  Actually, in the long run, it probably doesn't cost more than the store or bargain brand because I don't need to use very much of the product at a time for it to work beautifully.  Using Redken Body Full makes every day a good hair day.  That's saying a lot for fine, limp hair like mine!  The scent of this product is very subtile and fresh and it will not compete with your perfume either.  I highly recommend that you give Redken Body Full Conditioner a try for fuller, more beautiful hair.    


Palm Coast, FL


Redken Body Full Conditioner

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