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Redken Blonde Glam Pure Pearl

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Love this booster!


I have been dying my hair for years, about 10 years at least. So my hair lacks luster, and can get pretty dry. This is a great way not only to boost color but it also makes your hair ultra soft. Between colorings, my hair highlights become a little dull. I do dye my own hair, not sure if this is why. However, with this it actually adds a boost of color and shine to my hair. Not to mention that it has a fabulous smell also. Effectiveness I really love Redken Blonde Glam Pure Pearl, and what it gives to your hair. It gives it a lot of moisture, color and shine. Even right after I dye my hair, I don't use that pack of conditioner that comes with your hair color kit. I usually wait about 12 hours after my hair has set, and use this as a conditioner instead. Not only does it moisturize but it boosts the color. I use in between coloring my hair, as it really sparks your blond hair right up. Recommend this to anyone that has blond hair or dyes it blond. Scent Love the scent. Especially right after you've dyed your hair, and it has that chemical smell. This really helps take that right out of your hair, or maybe cover it up.




Restores color to the day you left the salon.


I absolutley love this product, it makes your hair ridiculously soft and smells good, not to mention it does actually make your blonde highlights lighter and brighter. I would definately recommend this to any blondes trying to brighten/lighten their highlights/hair. This stuff is awesome- not only is it a powerful conditioner (think the feel/results you get from the deep conditioners that come with hair dye) but it's an awesome toner as well- One word of advice though- don't leave it in more than 3 minutes unless you are experienced with toner; because it actually works, it can be overdone; But the (blue) dye molecules in toners tend to be larger- so even if you accidentally turn out a little "ashey" it will fade out when washed over a few days; Besides this toner has has more violet/pink undertones so I haven't had the ashey affect even when I left it on too long. This has fast become my weekly conditioning/ brightening treatment in one; I have no more unwanted yellow tones, my hair color is more vivid and alive, and a lot healthier too.


Chicago, IL


Redken Blonde Glam Pure Pearl

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