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Redken 12 Rough Paste

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Really great styling product but weighs on fine hair


This styling product has worked very well on my hair for the last few years.  It does fit it's name really well and works as a paste and sticks your hair in whatever position you'd like to put it in.  The only complaint i have is that over time, it weighs my fine hair down.  I would assume that for thicker or fuller hair, it would work much more perfectly as it does do whatever you want it to do.  however, with my hair being so fine, it stays put for about an hour or so before moving out of place.  One nice thing is that throughout the day, it stays in your hair so you can replace your hair however you'd like, but it is annoying that you have to continue to re-place your hair in the positions you'd like it in.  It also is extremely easy to wash out and doesn't seem to do any sort of damage to your hair over time.  If someone wants to play with your hair, it is easy to do and then put it back into place.


Saint Paul, MN


Redken 12 Rough Paste

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