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RedMax Backpack Blower

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Bulky but works like a charm!


I have a very small frame, so when I first tried on this product, I was upset at how bulky it looked. It was a bit heavy on my shoulders, but I can't really lift heavy weights due to my back problem, so this was quite an issue. After several times of use, however, I became accustomed to this weight and it was no problem after that. This leaf blower is quite powerful, and I don't need to keep removing leaves from the same area. It seems to be pretty efficient and isn't that loud, which is definitely a plus, because I get a headache from loud noises. I use this in my driveway and in the backyard, and I don't have any other issues with it so far, after 1 month of use. It's quite easy to use, and it took me all of 5 minutes to learn how it operates and what to do with it. What's even better is that my teenage daughter uses it sometimes to help me out. Overall, highly recommend to anyone who needs to especially during the fall months.




A really good leaf blower.


This blower is easy to use and has plenty of power. If are seriously blowing leaves, you could go down to your local big-box store and buy the biggest thing they've got, and probably be happy. For just a little more, however, you can track down a RedMax EB7001 and be ecstatic. It's one of the most comfortable and quiet blowers I've used, and it moves much more air than anything I've seen at the big-boxes. Air speed always sounds impressive but the key stat on a leaf blower is cubic feet per minute(cfm) and this has got it in spades. I also find this blower easy to wear with good vibration damping, and good padding on the back and in the straps. there are certainly lighter blowers to be had (this one is just over 20#), but the padding and fit make up for any extra weight, as far as I'm concerned. The back padding will probably come loose at some point, if you use it professionally.  Every bower I've used has had this problem.  But the padding on this model has big grommets at the attachment points, making it easy to reattach. The only thing keeping this blower from 5 stars is the RedMax EBZ8000, so compare the two and see which you need.


Marietta, GA


RedMax Backpack Blower

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