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Red Diamond
Red Diamond - Sweet Tea

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This is the best pre-made Sweet Tea - HANDS DOWN


i love sweet tea.  I usually order it at restaurants and at fast food places.  I started buying gallons of it at the grocery store, trying different brands.  Each time I would find something that I didn't quite like about the taste.  Some tasted too sweet to me.  Some were bitter.  Some did not taste fresh.  I am not a huge fan of lemon in tea so that was out.  Now I know taste is purely a matter of personal likes/dislikes.I have tried a lot of different brands and Red Diamond is - hands down - the best!It tastes fresh brewed.  It always tastes the same, never too sweet, never too bitter.  Just great.I recommend this to anyone who loves sweet tea.

Augusta, GA


Red Diamond - Sweet Tea

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