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Rectorseal Pipe Repair Kit

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For quick, temporary pipe leak fixes: Rectorseal


Minor pipe leaks are very annoying, but fortunately can be patched-up until a plumber is called in or you replace the pipe altogether. I recently had a leaky pipe in my bathroom and used **Rectorseal Pipe Repair Kit** to patch it up. How does this work?  It's pretty easy. The kit consists of the following: -     Putty to cover the hole -      Sticky tape -      Disposable gloves First you just do some light sanding around the leaky area so the putty will adhere. Ball-up the putty it your hands and then spread it over the pipe hole.  Then put on the gloves they give you and immerse the sticky tape in water. After a minute or so the tape will be very sticky, and you just wrap the pipe. When completed you will have the putty and tape covering the leaking area. Will it hold?  For a while. I plan to gut all the pipes in my bathroom anyways, so holding for a few weeks makes me happy. **Rectorseal Pipe Repair Kit **is supposed to hold for up to 450 PSI. My little bathroom sink has no where near that pressure, so I can't judge how truthful that statement is. One thing to watch for is the date on the package. I bought mine in early 2010 and later noticed a date of 03-25-08 on the back. What was the problem? The putty was in a separate bag and had an expiration date that had expired. The putty was a bit dried-out and I'm concerned it won't hold as well as intended. Otherwise this product is OK for a quick, temporary pipe fix.


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Rectorseal Pipe Repair Kit

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