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Toddler Car Seats
Recaro Young Sport Child Car Seat

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My son loves his Recaro Sport car seat


When we bought this seat because we invested in a Recaro convertible 3 years ago and it was time to move up because we were expecting another child and wanted to use the convertible for her. At that time, it was one of the very few that was rated for side impacts. Recaro offered side impact testing ratings before it was required in the United States. Even with other brands coming out with similar seats now, I also like to think that bigger is better when coming to safety. This seat is VERY solid much unlike some of my friend's flimsy looking seats. Solid to me equals a safer seat. Yes, its heavy, but I hope that the reinforced frame of the seat will protect my precious cargo in case of a crash. I love the 5 point harness and that it converts into a seat belt using seat that still latches into the car so that the car seat does not become a missal in a crash. Also, this seat is super easy to install.

Richardson, TX


The Recaro Young Sport will keep your child comfortable and safe


I have a Recaro Young Sport for both of my children.  I love the design of the seat and the ease of installation.  The fabric is easy to wipe clean.  We have the gray, and I like this color (it matches my truck interior), but I wish the seat came in pink.  Some of the newer models come in pink.  The cover is removable when you need to clean it more thoroughly.  However, it does take a while to dry, so I try to only do this on sunny, warm days (if I don't have to do an emergency cleaning).  My major complaint with this seat is that you can only use the 5-point harness up to 40 pounds.  My daughter hit 40 pounds when she was 3.5, and I was not ready to take her out of a 5-point harness, so I purchased a Britax.  When she gets older, I will use the Recaro as a booster in my husband's car.  My other complaint is that the foam used in the side impact does not stay glued.  Recaro replaced two of my seats because of this, but they came loose in the new seats within a month.  I live in a hot climate, but I think they should be able to make a glue that would hold. However, my kids sleep well in these seats, and the car seat inspector was impressed with them. 

Montgomery, TX


You get what you pay for


My son is a tall boy. When it came time to choose a convertible seat, this was the one. I wanted a safe seat that could fit in any car and that was comfortable for my son. This one has it all. The padded head rest keeps their little heads from leaning way over to the side in the uncomfortable way other seats do. The seats are soooo soft. The company that makes these seats designs race car seats. It is nice to know that the seat my son rides in was designed to keep drivers driving 200mph safe. The only down side about this seat is that it is HEAVY.

Grover Beach, CA


I am not impressed with the Recaro Young Sport and cost to much


the **Recaro Young Sport **is not worth the money. I am very dissipointed with it. Just as uncomfortable as a cheap one. I wish I could take it back. my daugthers hate them. they can't lay right when they go to sleep in the car.Will Not buy. I feel as though they are a rip off. Looking for something that is more comfortable for my kids. something that they can sleep in the car in without screaming they hurt after the ride. the back is to tall for the car too. the carseat shouldn't be taller than the seat in the car.

Pell City, AL


Four different seats, but only one big smile


We have four different car seats we've tried since our daughter exceeded 20 pounds:  Recaro Como, Recaro Signo, Britax Marathon Cowmooflage (this was our first one), and the Recaro Young Sport.  While the Britax pattern is fun, the harness is nowhere near as structured and heavy duty as those on the Recaro's.  Besides, who wouldn't want a convertible Italian car seat for their precious cargo? Features I like:  the microfiber seat cover is great for your little one, and easy to clean if a pet gets on it (and it can be removed and washed); the harness has never twisted on me (where the belt actually spins inside the lower vertical buckle); it'll be the last seat I need to buy; incomparable head protection similar to racing seats; side and top tethers; built-in neck/face pads; excellent clearance everywhere (would you believe I can't install the Como and Signo in a 2007 Expedition because of clearance issues with the second row headrests?); looks cool (especially if you're a car junky like me... and, Dads out there, this is your chance to buy something cool that's also exceptionally safe). Features that need some help:  the side tethers have a finite length to them, so if you place a car seat pad beneath the seat, you might lose 10 pounds sweating trying to get the crocodile clips to grab the tethers hidden between the back rest and seat cushion of your back seat!  I know I did.  I am not too proud to say that last summer I completely sweat through my clothes stretching the straps to grab on to the tether anchors.  It's also a little heavy, tipping the scales at 23 pounds (however, I'd trade a little weight for more safety any day).  You probably don't want to travel with this car seat, but if you're looking for a one and done, install in your car, and remove it only when absolutely necessary, this seat is perfect.  You might spend a few more bucks, but it's well worth the craftsmanship. If that's not enough:  my daughter LOVES being in this seat, and smiles wider when she's riding in the Young Sport than any of the others.  Priceless.  

Roanoke, VA


Great car seat! Very safe!


I received this as a gift for my first child back in 2006.  Well, she used it and now her little brother uses it and we LOVE it!  It is easy to hook-up to the latch restraint system in our car, seems to be comfortable for the kids, and looks nice.  I must say that the cloth must be made of some good stuff since it has survived not just one toddler, but two toddlers!  It has been washed many times and still looks brand new!   It is a little complicated to get the cover off, but no more so than other car seats or the like.  My only complaint about this seat is that it is heavy when compared to other similar car seats but I think the heaviness has to correlate to the "safeness" of it.  I would DEFINITELY recommend this seat to any parent who wants a really safe car seat.  Also, it does seem pretty roomy for the child, which definitely makes them more comfortable.  The price is a bit steep but I believe that it is completely worth it when you are talking about the safety of your children!

Spanish Fort, AL


If you want your child safe this is the one you need!


*I am a 37 year old father of 6 boys and between my Job as a locomotive engineer and the duties that come with being a father my most relaxing moments can come when I am riding down the road . That may sound bad but when I am in my Van and the kids are buckled in it can be really relaxing to just sit with nothing to do but drive. So with that being said the last thing I want to do is worry about my son breaking free from his car seat and putting himself in danger. With the ***Recaro Young Sport  ***I am loving my drives to the appointed location , and knowing of it's safe design which come from race car drivers who's technology has helped drivers walk away from 190 mph crashes I really can relax feeling safe in knowing that my boy is safe! I strongly recommend that any father who has an escape artist as I do get one of these cause it is equipped with a 5 point restraint adding yet another high quality reason that makes it the best buy.*

Huntington, WV


The recaro young sport is safe,comfortable and easy to install.


The recaro young sport is safe but yet pricey. This product is worth every penny spent. Forget all the worries of safety issues once you put your child in this carseat. Enjoy the stress free feel of comfort.Choose from the different colors to fit your childs personality.  As a parent ,dont stress so much on the price.Just remember you are choosing one of the best possibilities for safety, and luxery you can for your child. Your child will be in one of the best carseats for safety and comfort there is. The testing of safety for this produst is endless. Our number one goal is to strive for the best quality and safety of this product. in my opinion, this is it. This is not only stylish but yet safe, wich puts us as parents at ease.  This carseat is easy to transfer from each car with comfort. Your child will be comfortable as well as safe. The soft texture as well as the head support will allow your child to rest comfortably. So for safety, easy installation and the comfort for your child, in my opinion it was worth every penny.

Jay, FL


Safest Carseat around for your Toddler!


The Recaro Young Sport Car Seat is one of the most comfortable carseats for your child. The carseat is built for your child's saftey and protection. Now what would you be able to do without a carseat... thats right absolutly nothing. This is why you need a carseat: Saftey, Protection, Comfort, Realiable, an totally worth the will not regret buying the Recaro Young Sport Car Seat. Each an everyday children die from car crashes, most of course are because the child is not safely secure. With this car seat not only is your child happy an comfortable, but you yourself are happy an comfortable. I have dealt with many carseat through out my life time, but I have never found one that met all the proper requirments except for the Recaro Young Sport Car Seat.I would not want my child in any other carseat besides this one. Every parent loves to know that their child is calm, happy, an safely secure on long out of town trips an this carseat is made to do just that. If you dont belive me just try it out for yourself!

Dallas, TX


Recaro Sport Fabulous


Recaro Sport was great- last forever tough with kids! Love it! Very easy to install in the car- Been thru 2 of my boys and still holding strong- convenient for them to just hop in the van buckle and go.    Easy to pop off the cover and throw in the washer let air dry.   Grows with your child which in turn saves you money and fuss especially in this economy we all can use that extra help. I would definitely recommend to anyone!  This seat does cost you a smidge more for initial investment but it well worth it!! Take care!

Elkton, MD


Recaro Young Sport Child Car Seat

4.7 13