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Reach Max Toothbrush Value Pack, Soft Full Head 2 Each

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The Reach Max Toothbrush is a great manual toothbrush


I have always bought different toothbrushes as new ones come onto market, and I really enjoy the Reach Max toothbrush. I like that the head was big enough to brush more than one tooth at a time and that it reached my back teeth--which seem to almost be at my tonsils. I also like that the Reach Max toothbrush is different and has the rubber bristles. I have recessed gums that get inflamed if I brush too hard. The rubber bristles seem to massage my gums and keep them from becoming inflamed. The price can be a little steep, as with most toothbrushes, but if you pair a good sale with coupons you can get the toothbrushes for very little. I would recommend the Reach Max toothbrush. It gives me the "squeaky clean" feeling that I love and massages my gums, love it.

Cookeville, TN


Reach Max Toothbrush - the ultimate clean and gentle on gums


For decades we "children of the 50's" were told that tooth brushing was serious business.  You needed to get in there and brush for at least two minutes...soft-bristled toothbrushes?  Why get soft bristles when you can get hard bristles and clean even better?  Needless to say, we wore channels in our teeth and brushed away parts of our gumline.  And since we didn't know that brushing right after consuming acidic foods and drink would erode tooth enamel, we probably wore that away as well. That's why I'm very careful when choosing a toothbrush, especially since I still have a tendency to brush too hard.  The ultimate in toothbrushes, as far as I'm concerned, is the Reach Max Toothbrush.  I always purchase the soft option. The Reach Max has the bonus of soft rubber outer bristles which are gentle and massage your gums.  This is the ultimate for me, because I don't need to do any further damage to my gums.  The contoured head makes it easy to reach back teeth.  The handle is broader than most toothbrushes and takes some getting used to.  There is a new line of Reach toothbrushes that is quite varied.  There may be a toothbrush that is even better.  I'll have to try several and see what I think. The Reach toothbrushes are a little pricey; but oral health is worth the extra money. For a more economical choice, try the **Colgate Plus Bi-level Bristles Toothbrush **[https://www.viewpoints.com/reviews/Colgate-PLUS-BI-LEVEL-BRISTLES-TOOTHBRUSH-review-3a6210/edit][1] [1]: https://www.viewpoints.com/reviews/Colgate-PLUS-BI-LEVEL-BRISTLES-TOOTHBRUSH-review-3a6210/edit

Madison, OH


Reach Max is the best manual toothbrush out there.


Prior to buying my Sonnicare, I used Reach Max toothbrushes.  This toothbrush has a head of regular bristles surrounded by rubber bristles.  The regular bristles provide the cleaning power for teeth and the rubber bristles give a nice gum massage while you are brushing.  Brushing the gums with other manual toothbrushes can be very painful, but the Reach Max makes it a pleasant experience.  I also like the fact that the heads are pretty large and cover a big area.  Reach Max Toothbrushes just seem to fit teeth better because the inner bristles are shorter, which makes sense with teeth having an indent in them.  They will help get off more plaque than other manual toothbrushes.    The only downside may be cost, but I have been pretty fortunate to get the toothbrushes cheaper with coupons, sales, and extra bucks deals.  My husband still uses them, so I still buy them even though I don't personally use them anymore.     

Shelbyville, TN


Reach Max Toothbrush Value Pack, Soft Full Head 2 Each

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