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Razor E100 Electric Scooter

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Great ride holds a good charge and kids love it


Razor E100 turned out to be the best scooter I have purchased for my boys. I have purchased scooters from competitors trying to save a buck. But, it has cost me more money in the long run. The razor e100 is fast, charges in a few hours and holds that charge for about an hour of constant use. It is built with metal and not plastic so it can stand a rough ride! I would recommend.




Fun and Fast Scooter


This scooter was such a hit with my son and all his friends. The have a blast on it. They give each other rides and they take it off the curb so it is extremely durable because it definatly gets abused by my son and his friends. The only downfall is that the charge is very short.


Rumson, NJ


Cool scooter


My boy loves this scooter a lots. He can play with it with his friends after school. However, my complained that this scooter isn't fast enough, and standing up-right handle is not long enough for my son. He often needs to bend his back and knees, enable to get a ride on this scooter. So, my recommendation is if the manufacturer can extend little longer of the up-right standing to the handle. It should be a pretty scooter to keep.


San Jose, CA


Great for kids to get them outside!


My Mother in Law purchased these for all of her grandkids for Christmas last year. I was a little nervous about my youngest daughter (7) having one as she is a tad clumsy in the first place. First thing, she gave them to them still in the box and of course they all wanted to ride them. It was Christmas so we plugged them in thinking be days end they would be able to ride. Nope.. 18 hours charge time for initial charge so had to wait until the next day. So I suggest if you buy one plug it in and have it ready to go before you give it to the child because 18 hours is like a lifetime! Other than that, they have been wonderful. The girls remember to plug them in every time they get off. The batteries have never died on them. They have always been able to ride them until they are ready to move on to the next thing and still have "juice" left! I have gotten on them once and had a blast too. they really are fun. They aren't so fast that they get out of control but DEFINITELY wear a helmet. They go pretty quick! I won't let my girls on theirs without helmets! They go fast enough that damage could easily be done in the event of an accident. They are not too big or bulky but without a garage dragging them through the house may be difficult. They don't fold up as a small and easily as the regular little Razors. Over all I would say 6-10 is a perfect age group for this scooter. Just be prepared your kid will want to be outside all the time riding!


Hermitage, TN


Razor E100 Electric is the Boss!


Christmas 2010 Grandma made the big step and bought this electric scooter for my autistic grandson.  Since it goes 10-15 miles per hour, I was somewhat hesitant and scared (overprotective grandma).  Again, my grandson took off on the scooter - agile, well balanced and strong.  He quickly figured out that he need to manually move along with his leg and foot until the electric motor kicked in.  Helmet on, he took off and had a blast from the first day.  It's been a little too cold for him to ride it every day but come spring, I plan on taking him to the local park so he can really explore.  I like these scooters because a child is able to go from an introductory level of a basic scooter to a more sophisticate scooter such as this electric one. We do keep the scooter indoors. It takes up a bit more space than the other scooters he's had but I don't want to ruin the motor.  It's also teaching this autistic little boy to be responsible and take care of this more advanced scooter.  He's ten years old now and does really well. I did purchase an extended warranty in the event the battery fails. This is a very good product.  


Crofton, MD


Great for 7-10 Year Olds


My daughter got this for Christmas, and she wants to stay outside and never come in. It has some power but is not too fast! She still wears her helmet for protection but it was definitely her favorite gift!


Wesley Chapel, FL


E100 Electric Razor Scooter


I purchased this scooter for my 5 year olds this past summer for their birthday. They keep a great charge and can also works well on the grass. This scooter actually showed our boys how to ride a two wheel bike without training wheels. They had to learn to balance on the scooter, which also helped them when riding thier bike. This product is a great product. We have three boys two of them are 5 years old and the other is 2. They wanted Powerwheels for thier birthdays, but we felt that they were a bit to big for them. The two year old got a powerwheels 4 wheeler and they had a scooter. They loved it!! They were able to ride on the driveway, road, and in the yard without it losing a charge. They scooter is very durable for such a small price tag. They have owned it for over three months and it is as good a new. There are replacement wheels and batteries if needed, which is also great since the boys use the scooter on the road when I go for my daily walk.


Thibodaux, LA


Great scooter


The Razor e100 is an ideal combination electric scooter that packs in high standard materials, latest technology and thrill making power. The handle bars of the this scooter are adjustable for giving the rider the maximum comfort. This is a scooter not only for the boys but the girls too. The scooter is easy to operate as the starting and stopping operations are really simple to handle.    


Phoenix, AZ


the razor electric scooter is hours of fun


The electric razor scooter we bought for my daughters seventh birthday for a sale price of 220.00 has been nothing but great. the charging system is sound, cheap and the return to full power is quick. it goes pretty fast but anyone with any bike experince should be fine. my biggest thing is how you can  hardly hear it when its runs. my daughter is about 49 pounds and has no problem getting it up on the stand. and she feels very very comfortable riding the scooter. i would like to find some extras or add ons for the scooter. she would love a basket or rack. i have only had it for 3 months but at has feel of of the stand 2 times and nothing has broke. so i think its pretty tough. she rides it on my lawn and the pavement driveway. it goes fine in both. in the lawn a good charge lasts about around an hour. on the driveway it does last a little longer. its been the first purches in a long time we have made that actually might be worth the money invested


Sault Sainte Marie, MI


This is a piece of junk never buy............


I absolutly **HATE** this scooter.  when we first bought it for my sons birthday we charged it up and then he rode it for a few days.  Then all of a sudden it stopped working,  we waited a while and pushed the reset button.  The when he was riding it again like a minuite later the same thing happens. The the next thing the scooter would not go at all and when razor support told us to charge it we tried that but the charger says that it is fully charged.   Overall i do not recomend this scooter now it is just taking up space in his bedroom


Clayton, NC


Razor E100 Electric Scooter

4.2 11