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Razer Imperator (RZ0100350100R3U1) Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

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Great gaming mouse


Let me start by saying this is my first "gaming" mouse. I've always used stock mice that came with my computers until I finally decided to buy this mouse from Razer. The first thing I noticed was the comfort. Using it for a long period of time didn't leave my hand feeling tired like some other mice. Its also very quick with the movement. Barely moving the mouse will take the cursor across the whole screen where normally i'd have to move my mouse across my whole mousepad. I'm so glad I purchased this and can't wait to buy more for friends.



Razer Imperator Ergonomic Gaming Mouse


The Imperator mouse by Razer is a high-precision, laser gaming mouse. This mouse can be set to use a resolution ranging from 0 to 5600 DPI (dots per inch) in increments of 100 DPI. There are seven customizable buttons that can be changed through the mouse configuration graphical interface. The polling rate (how often the mouse queries its location) can be changed as well. The highest polling rate is 1000 hertz, which appears to be the fastest for any mouse on the market. 5600 DPI is also the highest resolution for any mouse on the market. The mouse is backlit with a blue color that matches the Razer Lycosa keyboard. The Razer icon on the back of the mouse pulsates and the scroll wheel is a constant blue. You can turn these off through the configuration interface. I personally disabled this because I didn't want to burn out the lights or waste electricity, but it is all personal preference. Using this mouse on 5600 DPI takes a bit of getting used to, but if you use it for a while you will become adept with it. You can always turn the DPI of the mouse down to a reasonable rate, but if you buy a cheaper mouse, you won't be able to exceed the DPI restriction of that mouse.

Rochester, NY


Meh-- The Razer Imperator is alright..


The Razer Imperator is a great looky mouse. It's perfect in appearance. The mouse wheel looks great with the blue led and so does the Razer logo on the top. The shape of this mouse is similar to the Logitech MX-518 and many of Logitech's mice. It's as if Razer just took Logitech's design and used it for their own. Every Razer comes with a great box and great packaging and this mouse does all of this. However, onto the cons...The 3500DPI sensor on this mouse is sub-par. Razer knows by now how bad their sensors are and they're not doing anything about it. The mouse only works on certain surfaces and a mouse pad from Razer or any other company is a necessity for this sub-par sensor. The Z-Axis tracking is completely bad. When you lift up your mouse and place it down, the cursor moves...That's when you know the Z-Axis tracking is bad. Also, because of this, sometimes when I clock the cursor moves. This is all after a firmware upgrade to the newest one. This mouse also comes with the cheap plastic sides on the mouse. It picks up dirty fairly easily and sweat does stay on that plastic. So get your cleaning towels out! This mouse would be perfect if it had the same 1800DPI sensor found in the Razer Deathadder, but with this mouse's exterior appearance and perfect shape for the hand.

New Brunswick, NJ


Razer Imperator (RZ0100350100R3U1) Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

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