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Razer Copperhead (RZ01050300) Mouse

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Copperhead is a good mouse at a decent price


I've had this mouse for over three years now and I have to say that it's been pretty good to me. Being one of the earlier Razer mice to be released, it really brought the world of computer gaming to a new level and helped laser become the gaming standard over optical. Having used an optical mouse and been happy with it for a few years previous, it was interesting to learn to use a laser mouse for the first time. The tracking is slightly different, and you may have to move your hand in a different way in order to achieve the desired effect (for example, I used to slide my hand in an arching motion with the optical mouse in order to achieve a left-right pan movement, now I have to move my hand relatively straight from one side to the other). In addition to being a pretty usable mouse, the Copperhead is also relatively attractive. The green lighting goes well with the look of my computer and other attached devices. If you have small hands, the Copperhead will be very usable. It also sports an ambidextrous design that will allow lefties to enjoy it, too.

Highwood, IL


Razer Copperhead (RZ01050300) Mouse

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