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Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren Polo Explorer

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Clean, manly, fresh scent brought back to life!


I smelled this in a magazine insert and loved it!! I bought a small bottle for my husband for the holidays and went back a few months later for another, larger bottle but I was told that it was discontinued and is not being restocked.  I was crushed! It smelled so delicious and it was amazing that it brought back Polo with a fresh update to it.  I need to hunt it down online and try and stock up. It's strong and bold but definitely not overpowering and makes my husband (and the house) smell great.  It has a fresh, clean scent that makes a man smell like a real guy.  It's not a fake, designer scent that is faddish and is trendy for 6months. This is the cologne that can be termed a "classic" (if it returns to the stores).  I really hope they bring it back and keep it in the stores because it's such a great cologne for any man to wear. All my lady friends who have smelled it also bought it for their guys and couldn't keep their hands off them!

Sherman Oaks, CA


explorer life


I first smelt this in the Men's Health (March 2008) magazine. I have been on a mission to find it and finally got my hands on this. I have used Tommy, Cool Water and Eddie Bauer Adventurer. I was a fan of Cool Water when I was younger but the smell wasn't to my liking. As for Tommy that will always be one of my personal favorite, along with the discontinued Eddie Bauer Adventurer. When I smelt Polo Explorer for the first time, I fell in love. The nice woody smell reminds me of being in a forest. I am a carpenter by trade and love the smell, so this is pure heaven for me. Mixed with the sandal wood and other fine smells, this is something you should at least try once. It is fairly new, but I believe it will be one of the more popular ones as it becomes available in major stores. Nonetheless, this is an amazing smell!!

Fort Lauderdale, FL


New life breathed into a CLASSIC!


**Notes:**Bergamont, Mandarin, Leather, Coriander, Waterfall Accord, Mahogany, Sandlewood, Amber, Mate. Polo was probably my first introduction to fragrances! I loved it's clean fresh feel and the way it made you feel like 1,000,000 buck when wearing it. Over the years I grew tired of smelling it every were I went and developed a broader nose in regards to the newer scents that were hitting the scene at that time. I never thought it could be any more revamped then it had been before but Explorer has put Polo back on my map and in my collection!

Washington, DC


Ralph Lauren Polo Explorer

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