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Raleigh Comfort Bike

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Great Bike for cruising and errands-Love the suspension


I'm 53 years old and had bought a Schwinn bike (it had a reputation as one of the best bike the last time I bought a bike) to ride for pleasure and errands to save on rising fuel prices.  It was a poor ride, the gears were inconsistent and the chain kept falling off while riding it.  So I blamed 3 falls on the bike, chucked it and bought the Raleigh Comfort Bike on a recommendation.   It's a little pricey but well worth every penny.  It's easy to maneuver and the suspension makes it a smooth ride.  It's not about high performance but the gears, which are tabbed and mounted on the handlebars and easily changed, make uneven terrain a breeze.  The only negative is the homogenous manual so specific model variables are not addressed.  Sometimes it's a guessing game as to whether the manual applies to your bike or not.  Highly recommend the bike.

Miramar Beach, FL


Raleigh Comfort Bike

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