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Rainbow Technologies E series Canister Wet/Dry Vacuum

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Rainbow Home Cleaning System


I love the Rainbow vacuum cleaner. It is so much more than just a vacuum cleaner. It vacuums the carpets so clean. I Maneuverability It is not that easily maneuvered, however, is still worth using. It is awkward to pull around to do a whole house cleaning. If you put the canister part in the middle of an average room you can pretty effectively vacuum the whole room from the spot. Ease of Maintenance It is very easy to maintain. Just dump the water and every few times you vacuum, clean out the round part above the water. Suction Performance Love it for pulling dirt from in-between boards on a hard wood floor. It is also great when, you use the attachments, for cleaning carpet seams and stairs. Versatility Vacuums rugs, vacuums hard woods, tile, linoleum, vents, plants, stairs, furniture, cars. Sucks up water, fills air mattresses and rafts. The possibilities are endless! Design I love the design. The water filtration system is the perfect answer to a stinky, air polluting bag of dirt. Durability I have had my Rainbow for almost ten years. I have had to buy one air filter replacement and at this moment I need my second. I have one issue with the trigger on the electric attachment but nothing that prevents me from using the machine. I have also had to replace three clips that "click" the hose pieces into place. All in all that's pretty perfect for a ten-year-old machine. I love it as much today as I did when I first bought it. My one and ONLY complaint is about the pricing of the fragrances that you put in the water. But that's another review!

Port Saint Lucie, FL


Best Vacuum EVER!!!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Rainbow!!! I love all the attachments that it has. I like knowing that whatever I vacuum up out of my carpets and floor is NOT going back into my air. I love it's versatility; I can use this product on my carpets and hardwood flooring with hardly any hassle. I love the power that it has; I have had my rainbow for over 5 years and it has the same power every time that I turn it on as it did the very first time. I just feel like my house is cleaner with it in use in my home. Not to mention the air purifier!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this feature. It's one of the main reasons for buying this product as we were getting ready to have a baby and wanted only the best for her. Maneuverability This product is a pull behind system. I like the fact that I'm not constantly trying to push / pull around a huge heavy vacuum that is full of dirt I do occasionally bump it into the couch or table legs but this is mainly when trying to move it on carpet. Ease of Maintenance I find that this system in much easier and cheaper that buying bags and having to empty them. When you empty a bag full of dirt, some of that dirt gets deposited back into the air, you're lungs, and your floors. Suction Performance ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!! Versatility I love the fact that with the bag I can thoroughly clean my pillows and couch cushions. Durability This little system takes a licking and keeps on ticking!



Rainbow Technologies E series Canister Wet/Dry Vacuum

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