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Rainbow Light
Rainbow Light Complete Prenatal System

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Everything you need in one bottle


I love having a food based prenatal. It seemed pricey at first, but after reading everything it contains, it is way cheaper than buy seperate products like iron supplements that won't constipate and upset my stomach, something to ease nausea, probiotics, and extra green foods. I looked at MOST sites to get the best price, but found a 180 count bottle at king soopers for 27.00 plus change. Not going through the shipping process is nice.


Broomfield, CO


I love Rainbow Light Complete Prenatal System Vitamins


I really love these prenatal vitamins. I took these vitamins for my second pregnancy and loved them. During my first pregnancy my vitamins would make me feel more sick then my pregnancy. Multivitamins usually cause my to feel nausea, but these vitamins don't make me feel sick at all. I appreciate how the vitamins are food based and not synthetic based. I like how they are gluten free, dairy free and vegan. I love how they are 100% natural. I also love the prenatal blend in the vitamins and the superfood vitality blend. I also really like the digestive support complex, all the probiotics in the vitamins. The only bad but good point is that you have to take 6 tablets throughout the day. Although it's a lot to try and remember, I don't mind it mostly because your body will absorb the vitamins better as it gets them through small doses throughout the day. Taking one pill a day although convenient makes absorptions of vitamins harder. I do not recommend taking these with water. They have a strong taste that I cannot stand, so I take them with orange juice and it makes it more enjoyable.


Chapel Hill, NC


Rainbow Light Complete Prenatals:Great for mama...great for baby


I have used Rainbow Light Complete Prenatals for two pregnancies now, and I have been impressed.  I actually used them before I ever became pregnant and for the year of breastfeeding after birth...so I've used more than a few bottles of these in the past 5 years! Some people are wary of over-the-counter prenatals because they don't have as much folic acid in them as the prescription ones the doctors recommend.  My theory on that is that I would rather have a plant-based (natural & easy to absorb) vitamin than a prescription vitamin that was cooked up in a lab somewhere.  I have always heard that pregnant women have hormone-induced constipation, but I have never experienced that dreaded side-effect of pregnancy.  The amount of "green" matter in these vitamins (barley green, etc) provides the fiber you need to keep your system moving.  Mama Llaura has just gotten personal.  ;) My only complaint with these vitamins really was that between my first & second pregnancies, something in the formula seemed to change.  The first pregnancy, my urine would be bright yellow & my breastmilk had a green tint to it.  The second pregnancy, neither happened.  I didn't feel any different, but I always felt like my baby was getting some extra goodness from that green milk.  Either my body changed or the formula changed...but either way, I was satisfied with the performance of the vitamins.


Valdosta, GA


Rainbow Light Complete Prenatal is one of the best out there!


Okay, so I'm still TTCing and may not be pregnant yet, but I've been taking the Rainbow Light Complete Prenatal System vitamins for the last 3 months. Prior to that, I was taking the Rainbow Light Women's Nutritional System vitamins. I really love Rainbow Light because their vitamins are food-based and have high levels of essential nutrients (I'm also a dietitian, so I'm definitely more trained to evaluate this than most people). The "food-based" part of it means that the vitamins & minerals in their vitamins are more easily absorbed, even without eating a whole meal along with it. Often, I only have time to eat a banana and/or yogurt in the morning before work, but these vitamins break down just as easily in my stomach with or without a lot of food. Many other vitamins, and especially prenatals (which have a lot of iron in them), will often make you feel sick if you don't take them with a full meal. But I've taken these on an empty stomach and felt fine. They also have probiotics and herbs such as ginger to help with indigestion/morning sickness common during pregnancy. The recommended daily intake for these vitamins is 6 tablets, though, so if that's too much for you, you may want to stick with the one-a-day (which Rainbow Light also makes). I just take 3 in the morning and 3 in the evening, though, and haven't had any issues w/ it.


Honolulu, HI


Food-based prenatal vitamin!


When the company that produced my prescription prenatal vitamins stopped making them, I had to find a new vitamin that worked and didn't make me sick.  Particularly I was concerned with finding a complete vitamin that would support me while pregnant and/or nursing and contained iron that wouldn't constipate me.  Also, it had to be gluten free (I have celiac disease). That was a tall order.  Rainbow Light prenatal vitamins had been recommended to me over the course of 2 pregnancies, but my prescription vitamins were covered by insurance.  I decided to give them a try when I saw them in a local health food store.  Online reviews complained about having to take so many (6 a day) and their size (they are on the large size), but neither of those were major factors to me.  I briefly considered the one-a-day prenatals from Rainbow Light, but they were not gluten free. What was amazing to me was how much better I felt after a couple of days taking these vitamins!  I had more energy, I was more alert, my skin started looking healthier and my hair became stronger and shinier!  I didn't even realize I wasn't feeling 100% until after starting these food-based vitamins.  That is what I credit to the difference - my body was more readily able to accept the vitamins and minerals offered by food sources than the chemical compounds in my much smaller, take only one vitamins of the past. If I had any one complaint, it would be the taste - the only reason I couldn't give these 5 stars.  They do have a very strong taste - I'm not sure how I would do taking them with morning sickness in full-swing (though they do have ginger and chamomile to ease stomach discomfort).  I think if there were a way to enterically coat these vitamins and make them just as effective, these would rate off the chart!


Elizabeth, CO


Rainbow Light Complete Prenatal System

4.6 5