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Rainbow Henna Med Auburn Hair Dye 4oz Tub

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Great, natural dye!


I didnt want to use chemicals to dye my hair, and someone told me about Rainbow Henna. I picked it up at my local health food store and could not be happier. I will say that the application/rinse process is a .... process. I usually enlist my sister to help me apply it (I do the same for her). I use the dark brown, mixed with coffee instead of water. I also add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to help stick to greys and one egg (to condition hair and to ease the rinse process- weve done it both ways and it makes rinsing so much easier and does not make the henna stick less to the hair). Make sure you apply a thick layer of Vaseline around your hairline, neck and ears and wear old clothes (a button open shirt is best so you dont have to pull a shirt over your head). Also gloves for the applicant are a must. Once applied we wrap the hair with clear plastic wrap and leave on for 90 minutes. We also do not shampoo or condition our hair once the product is rinsed for at least 24 hours, 48 if you can last (great Friday night project for a lazy weekend- then you can shower Monday morning for work!). It lasts 2-3 months. Ease of Application Like I said, we have this as a two person job and it makes it so much easier.

Yorktown Heights, NY


nice color - no chemicals


I am oping as I write this review that the color I'm seeing now (a few hours after doing my hair) will be the same in 4 or 5 weeks.  I have course curly hair, I'd say about 30% grey.  I have been dying my hair on a regular basis, on and off with henna products.  Henna can be ricky, following directions is importnat.  It takes a long time, but to me it's worth not covering my head in poison! 

Muncie, IN


rainbow burgundy&auburn,shampoo,condit'ner5min wkly4grey


I use Rainbow burgundy and auburn with shampoo and conditioner to seal the color once a week to cover grey temples.  It only takes about 5 minutes and I do it after my Saturday exercise.  It works great.  

Silver Spring, MD


Rainbow Henna Med Auburn Hair Dye 4oz Tub

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