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E Series
Rainbow Canister Vacuum

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I wouldn't pay for it


First of all this vacuum costed a damn fortune and it is nowhere near as good as the price would suggest. I will admit it is a decent vacuum and does its job but it makes your job five times harder. The vacuum is huge in size so whenever i use it for tight corners the machine wont move but that is what the extra hose is for which is useful for cleaning but i don't ever have room in my house for all the extra pieces so the pieces end up in separate closets. Another piece of the vacuum that fails me is the main vacuum for carpets jams within about 30 seconds of turning on, and the worst part in some big rooms i have to drag the entire vacuum across the floor and this machine will not work for stairs at all because of the size of the vacuum. But the clean up of the vacuum is easy because you just dump the water from the middle of it in your lawn and put it away. Maneuverability The vacuum leaves my back and arms sore whenever i do use it because it is way to big. Ease of Maintenance The only parts that i really clean is the water bowl and the damn push vacuum that gets jammed all the time. Design The size is horrible and it is much to heavy but i do like the fact that you can attach extra hoses for hard to reach corners. Durability Everything still works fine for me after about five years! Except the damn push vacuum!




Amazing How Much You Sweep Up!


We love, love, love our Rainbow! It never fails to amaze me how much gunk is in the water once I finish vacuuming! Maneuverability I will admit it is slightly less than convenient to drag the main component around behind the part you vacuum with. I consider vacuuming a full-body workout when doing my whole house! Ease of Maintenance It's easy to clean after each use, and the one time we had a problem, our salesperson had it taken care of immediately. Suction Performance I only have to go over an area one time and it sucks up all the debri. Versatility I love the attachments I can switch out to use for the carpets and furniture. Design It is a simple design, which is just fine for us. Durability This is probably the best-made vacuum on the market.


Mooresville, IN


This is an excellent vacuum for the money. This wasn't money "we


This is my second Rainbow in over 20 years! Maneuverability The power nozzle for vacuuming carpets is much easier to manuever than the last model. Suction Performance Too bad there isn't an excellent button because that's the one I would choose.


Indianapolis, IN


Best investment you can make to keep your house clean & healthy!


I WILL NEVER OWN ANOTHER VACCUUM! It is not just a vaccuum. It runs 24/7 in my house to clean the air and keep my house clean. It is energy efficient and I do not have to dust or clean near as much since I started running it. My nose doesn't bleed and I don't wake up with stuffed up nose all night and dry mouth. I love the Rainbow for everything it does, and then it cleans my floors like no other as well. The filth that you sweep up goes out of my house, not in the trash to make more of a dust cloud. Maneuverability Light and easy to guide, self propelling. Ease of Maintenance easy to clean the water bin and stays out in my rooms for air cleaning anyways. Suction Performance The air flow of the vacuum really gets all of the dirt, dust, and filth off of the floor and protects the carpet as well! Design AMAZING DESIGN! NONE BETTER!




A good solid vacuum for 15 years


I had some qualms when dealing with the cost of this vacuum, and I wish it was sold in stores instead of through the pressure of an in-home demonstration. But after 15 years, it is still working very well.  Over the years, we have had issues with the power nozzle (upright part), but it has been easily fixed for less than a handheld vacuum.  The noise is much less than our previous screamer of a vacuum which used to scare my toddlers.  It is bulky to store and lug up stairs, so I bought a cheap stick vacuum for the stairs and the kids to carry.  It doesn't do the job like the Rainbow, so I use it to pick up after the stick vacuum.  I like the water resevoir ALOT--with small children, it is easy to find items that get accidentally sucked into the vacuum (like panning for gold).  I can see all the stuff that it picked up, and it holds water when I need to vacuum up a spill or water from a leaking basement.  Our basement only leaks for big rainstorms, but it does the job of sucking up the water too.Better than a shop vac.  It is showing no signs of slowing down, and I think it was a wise investment now even if I was nervous of the cost at first.  I have also used it in a room that seemed particularly dusty (near our woodstove) to clean the air.  Just turn it on and leave it there for awhile.  You can see the dust particles being drawn to it. Durability We have only done minor repairs--belts, etc.


Groton, CT


You'll love the Rainbow E2 Series home cleaning system for life!


I recently had a demo done in my home for the Rainbow E2 Series home cleaning system. This vacuum not only pulls out all the dirt and debri my old vacuum left behind, but it pulls the sand and grit from UNDER the carpeting! The lightweight upright attachment vibrates the carpet while it cleans, getting the most dirt possible out of my floors. Also, the other cleaning accessories make it so I can dust my whole house without just stirring the dust around! I dust less because when I'm not cleaning, the Rainbow continues to clean the air, which helps my allergies. Oh and best! I don't need to buy bags or filters because the Rainbow uses water to remove the pollutants from my home! I simply fill up the water basin, empty it when the water gets REALLY dirty, and whenever I vacuum. I dump the dirty water outside. Easy to use, easy to clean! Plus, I got a great opportunity out of the demonstration; I now sell them! I love the product, believe in it's capability, and recommend it to anyone! Go here to find a distributer near you! The demo is free, and worth the time!


Mesa, AZ


Little Genius


The Rainbow E-Series is the perfect solution for a perfectly clean and spotless home! I love everything it can do for the home plus it also makes my home a better place to live in! Clean and fresh everytime! Even the kids can help to clean using this system and that is a healthy habit to instill in them while they are still young.


Beverly Hills, CA


Rainbow E Series


I've had a Rainbow vacuum of my own for over 30 years now. I grew up having a Rainbow in my parents home and my mom still owns one. I have to say after all these years, I still love those Rainbows. My favorite part about the Rainbow is that all the dust and everything else you collect goes into water. And doesn't fly through the air. This very helpful for those with allergies. It really picks up dog hair very well and the attachments are right there where you need them.The down size is, I get to see the dirty water when I am finished and realized how dirty my home was. And that is cleaning once a week!! Its amazing how much dirt a home will collect in a few days. The Rainbow will also clean carpets with the special attachment that has come in handy many times in the past. I didn't have to go out and rent one. One thing about the Rainbow, the one I own now has been with me for 30 years and still going strong.


Summerfield, FL


The Rainbow vacuum is the best!


I have had my Rainbow (E series) for several years now.   I LOVE IT!!!   It will suck up ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!!!  I have used it for everything from our carpets and hardwood floors, to the unfinished concrete floors in the basement and even our GARAGE!!!  After our house was built, we found that the contractor's crew left quite a mess in our basement. (sunflower seeds, tons of sawdust, loose fibers from the insulation, etc)  The rainbow cleaned ALL of it!!!   I had an INCH OF DIRT in the bottom of the basin by the time I was done with the first 20x20 area down there!!!     NO vacuum out there would be able to match that!  I even use it to dust!  Pick up the dust particles first, and THEN go over the surface with Pledge or whatever brand you prefer for shine.   My kids complained about having to empty the water basin after each use, but once they relized ANY vacuum needs to be emptied, they were sold.  I have even accidentally picked up stray socks while clenaing under the beds.  The sock just gets caught in the rollers.  I can take it out, and the rollers seem to "reset" themselves!!!   It is just amazing!  (Unlike my previous ****** brand vacuum, which had to be taken in for service after a "sock incident").  I must admit, I have used it on my pets hair as well, especially in the spring, early summer, when they start to shed their winter coats. The brush bristles are very soft, but do wonders to get rid of that excess hair.   I did balk at the price at first, but now, after so many years of wonderfully consistent results, I would never go back to a "regular" vacuum.  If my rainbow ever "dies", I honestly do not know what I would do!   P.S. One more "perk"....   I have a small rocked area in the backyard, where I always empty my Rainbow (yes, I am afraid of clogging the plumbing by constantly dumping dirty water and small clumps of shedded carpet fibers down the toilet...).....   But when small things like Lego pieces, or missing Barbie accessories get sucked up, I can always retreive them again, still in perfect condition, as the Rainbow does not damage them.    


Aurora, CO


The Rainbow vacuum is the best vacuum I have ever had!!!


We recently purchased a Rainbow cleaning system.  We had a Kirby before the Rainbow.  I was very impressed by the fact it uses water to capture all the dust.  I have used it to clean my car, home and the two homes that I clean on a regular basis.  It has been very nice not to have to spend my hard earned money on bags.  I like how it cleans the air.  My daughter has allergies, and she seems to be able to breath better now than when we had other vacuums.  I love putting the oil-based home fragrances in it, makes my house smell so sweet.  My favorite scent is sun-dried linen.  It picks up cat litter and dog hair like a dream.  It does an excellent job of picking up Cheerios and other snacks that my 2 year-old son leaves all over the place. I don't mind emptying the basin of dirty water, at least when I do dump it, dust does not fly up into my face!!!  And it is really funny to hear my son say ewwwwwww everytime I empty it.


Charlotte, NC


Rainbow Canister Vacuum

4.4 68