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Raid Raid Max Bug Barrier  30 0z

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Get Rid Of Those Bugs Fast!


The Raid Max Bug Barrier works fast and has a very easy and convenient auto trigger sprayer that does the spraying for you.It kills all types of bugs that most other brands do not.I was skeptical at first until I used it and seen the results right away.It even killed the Boxelder bugs that I have had a hard time getting rid of for years now.Now that I have discovered a product like Raid Max Bug Barrier that really works at killing all sorts of bugs fast,I will no longer have to worry about those pesty insects bothering me again.There is no need to buy more than one bug killer for different types of bugs because it works on a wide variety of problem pests and can be used indoors and outdoors,plus it is unscented.The only problem I have with this product is that the trigger only sprays in a stream so it is a bit hard to get an area sprayed affectively.I prefer a wider spray so that I can cover an area easier.

Bay City, MI


Not a bug in sight since I sprayed the Raid Bug Barrier


I was excited when SC Johnson brought out this Raid Bug Barrier product. Coupons were popping up everywhere and I can't pass up a good deal especially when it helps my house so much. It comes in a bottle with a sprayer, and you can buy refills and pop the sprayer off and put it on the new bottle. It is decently priced as well as sales, coupons to make it cheaper. It's found at large retailers. It uses two AA batteries, which will need to be replaced at some point. It's safe for indoors and outdoors, but I just put it outdoors, I don't know how safe with pets it would be. I went outside and sprayed it around every window and every doorway. It covers a large amount of bugs, and kills some even on contact. The sprayer sort of sounds like some kind of zapper or something which is amusing. It sprays it squirts. The sprayer sprays pretty far away too so you can keep it away from splashing you. You can lock the sprayer so it doesn't spray when not in use or if it gets bumped around. I'm very pleased and since spraying this having really seen any bugs like we used to around here. It can last up to 6-12 months.

Northern Cambria, PA


Easy to use


The Raid Max Bug Barrier made by SC Johnson is very easy to use and it works!!  This insectide comes in a convenient easy to handle bottle.  It has an auto trigger sprayer that makes it incredibly easy to use.  You push the trigger and hold it down and it sprays on and on wherever you point it.  I have used it mainly  to spray around the foundation of my house and have discovered a reduced number of bugs are getting in and I attribute that to this product.  I have also used it to spray ant nests in our yard and the ant infestation in the yard has almost disappeared.  I do not like using so many of the pesticides since I find it difficult to control the amount being spread.  This easy to use bottle helps to alleviate that problem.  It is also very easy to refill.  No messy pouring and mixing and disposing of concentrated chemicals.  You just buy a refill bottle and move the sprayer head from the old bottle to the new bottle. I am very pleased with this product.  The only negative is that I found it necessary to retreat more frequently than recommended. 

Fountain Inn, SC


Raid Raid Max Bug Barrier 30 0z

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