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Insect Killer
Raid Flying Insect Killer

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This product does not work very well if at all. Bugs will continue to fly at and irritate you. If you purchased this product to stop and or prevent mosquito bites you will be very disappointed, I know I was. I would not recommend this product to anyone.



Raid Flying Insect Killer Kills Everything!


I am not a fan of bugs. I always keep Raid Flying Insect Killer on hand. Being somewhat allergic to bees, it's even more important to me. I won't die from a bee sting, but I will swell up horribly for a very long time. I've sprayed many wasps with it, and it always does the trick. If it flies, it doesn't stand a chance, but what if you come accross a gross bug that doesn't fly? Last summer, I found these nasty looking bugs behind our shed, in my garden. They looked kind of like spiders, but nastier, so I went to look them up before continuing my work. It turns out, these things were very nasty spiders. They have a hard front that is lobster red and scary looking, and a soft creamy abdomen. While they will not kill you, their bites are said to be very painful. I like spiders. I don't mind having them around to get rid of less desirable bugs. I DON'T like this kind. I took my can of Raid Flying Insect Killer out there and sprayed the heck out of the whole nest of nasty spiders, and they all died quickly. So yes, it will kill other creepy crawlers as well. The only other thing to be aware of is the obvious risk to children and animals. I keep ours locked up, so it's never a problem.

Snow Hill, MD


Raid Repels


I trust the Raid name. *  *I have yet to be disappointed with one of their products... this one included.  I live in a very rural community surrounded by farm land, forrests and swamps.  I get a little of everything around here.  If it creeps, crawls or flies I've seen it in or around my house and garden.  When I saw this product I picked it up hoping for the same results as I have had with wasp sprays and the like.  I was not disappointed.  This spray took care of the flies that were bothering me as well as moths and it even kept some mosquitos at bay.  I only wish Raid made a product that was less offensive smelling as I am quite sensitive to scents.  Still, I am very comfortable using this product outside and even a little inside if I do not have to be around the area in which I am spraying it for a while until the smell can dissapate.  I try not to use chemicals unless absolutely necessary and the bugs are driving me crazy.

Hopkins, MI


Raid Flying Insect Killer does the job right.


Raid Flying Insect Killer did a great job of taking care of the bugs in our garage. I like Raid anyway and usually just used the regular formula Raid but when I saw this product in the store, I thought I would give it a try. When I used the regular formula I always felt like I had to use a lot of it to get the job done. There were mostly just wasps and yellow jackets in our garage but we only had to spray once and haven't had any more since. I wish they made this in the lemon scent though. I can still smell the "bug killer" smell when I am in the garage 2 days later. It might not be as bad in a more ventilated area. I used this on my deck too and did not have any problems with scent.  Overall, this was a good product. I worry about using it around my young children but they didn't seem to notice it. We sprayed while they were not around though just to be safe. Seems very harmless to pets, too.

Shelbyville, KY


Raid got rid of pesky flies quickly and easily


We had a couple of flies in the house one night. I easily swatted them dead and didn't think much more about it. The next day we found more files.  These weren't the little house flies that like your potato salad. They were the big, ugly flies you see circling around horse doo-doo - ewwww. Where on earth did they come from? Luckily I ran out and found **RAID Flying Insect Killer**.  I wasn't sure if **RAID Flying Insect Killer** was the right insecticide to use for our dilemma. But after reading the instructions it sounded like an easy problem to solve. I figured out that the flies were somehow getting in around some cracks in a basement window and wall. I followed the directions and spray the room thoroughly.  After spraying **RAID** in the basement room I left it for a good hour and kept the dog away too. When I went back down there was no harsh chemical smell, but I did find about a dozen dead houseflies - and one spider too!  The next day we found one fly in the house, so I sprayed RAID again in the basement area.  A few more dead flies later appeared, and that was it. From then on they were gone.  Based on my experience **RAID Flying Insect Killer** is an excellent insecticide. It really knocked-off the flies quickly and no more have appeared. We're still puzzled why they suddenly entered our home in mass numbers, but now the icky flies are dead and buried.

Denver, CO


Raid Flying Insect Killer

3.8 5