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Raid Disposable Yellow Jacket Trap

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Promises to Kill Wasps Dead


SC's Raid Disposable Yellow Jacket trap deserves my reconsideration. Where as I was about to give a very poor rating to this product. Once I began reading the instructions on the box, it dawned on me that I may not have done everything required. For one, depending on your yard lot size you may have to purchase and put up more than one trap. We have a little over an acre that our house sits on. It's also imperative to place the trap(s) in early Spring to ensure catching the queen and help prevent jacket problems later in the season. Raid suggests placing additional traps out in the Summer and Fall. If following the instructions properly, this product promises to catch all kinds of major yellow jacket species. Although the trap I purchased did not work, I am giving SC the benefit of the doubt. In the meantime, I will store this unit until next Spring when I will put it out properly and try it out again.

Fort Gratiot, MI


this item did not work for me at all.


I like working out in my yard but I have wasp and bees and I don't like have to use sprays around my plants so I keep a look out for things that are easy and reasonably priced.I tried this and it did not work for me at all.It didn't atract the yellow jackets. I like the idea so I hope somone comes out with something thatworks.

Shreveport, LA


Better off with a rolled up newspaper.


I tried this product but was not impressed. Living in Florida Yellow Jackets are a common problem. Hoped this would help. No luck. Kept moving it from one location to the next but didn't trap a single one... and there were planty in my yard to be caught. Finally it just flooded with water after a hard Florida rain and I tossed it. I had friends/family that said it worked for them though. Maybe my Yellow Jackets are just really smart.

Lakeland, FL


Love the Summer not the bugs


I was really hoping that this product would have made my summertime outside much easier. The traps only attracted ants. The liquid part started drying out after a month. No one Yellow Jacket got trapped in there. I did saw plenty and they built three nests in my roof. All next to the traps....

Oregon, IL


Wasn't impressed


This past summer (summer of 2010) we had a HUGE underground hive right next to our steps from our back door.  There were bees everywhere.  We tried several different sprays, etc to get rid of them.  My husband saw this product in our home improvement store and thought he'd give it a try.  However, we didn't have anything to hang it from, so we set it up on something near the underground hive.  Well, either the wind blew it over or an animal knocked it down, or something else, but it kept ending up on the ground over turned.  And the bees were still everywhere.  We bought two of them, and I cannot find my receipt to take this one back.  Maybe if we were able to hang it in the nearest tree to the hive that maybe it would have worked better, but just setting it down near the underground hive did not prove to be a good thing.  I am not sure I would recommend this product to anyone.  You can give it a shot!  But I would not buy more than one of them.  And definitely buy a spray to go with it!  I think the sprays are more effective than this. 

Mankato, MN


Raid Disposable Yellow Jacket Trap

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