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Raid Ant Killer

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Raid Ant Killer: Works For A While Then Ants Get Used To It


Years ago I lived in an area that had several out of control ant hills. No matter what we did to kill the ant hill and colony, a week later we would see them creeping back on to the property. The basic Raid Ant Killer is good for small infestations and for those who only have a couple of stray ants in the kitchen but if you live on or near an ant colony you are going to need something a lot stronger and longer lasting than this. There is a distinct smell to this, once you smell it you will never forget it and for me it's something that makes me gag. You should use this in a room that is well ventilated because it is not a bug-bomb type of product. You are going to want to spray this directly on the ants and the trail that they leave when coming in or out of the house. That means that you are going to have a lot of dead ants left to clean up. Don't go heavy with this and saturate the area you are spraying because whatever you spray is going to need to be cleaned up. You can get about four feet of coverage from this; that means you don't have to get close to the ants in order to spray them but you are going to want to avoid spraying this on walls if you can't stand on a step ladder or crate to be able to hit the ants. I wouldn't recommend this for other insects unless you have nothing else to spray on them; when I had to use this on bees and wasps it didn't kill them but it did slow them down enough that I could hit them with a shoe to kill them.



Love it!


I had to get some ant killer a month or two ago to help kill of ants in the kitchen, and also in my boyfriends truck (I have no idea why they got in there). This Raid Ant Killer works immediately on not only ants, but also other bugs! We had a kudzu and lady bug problem a few weeks ago, and I was able to use this Raid to kill the ones that were trying to come into my house. The residue from the spray will even continue to kill bugs when they come into contact with it. I would definitely recommend this product! I will buy more when the can I have now runs out



Raid Ant Killer

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