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Raffel Systems
Raffel Systems BackCycler

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One Way to Exercise Your Back at the Computer


After suffering back pain while sitting at the computer for long periods of time, I went looking for a viable solution that was inexpensive, effective and didn't involve trips to the chiropractor. Yes, I know getting up and walking around helps, but I needed something more. I found this product by Raffel Systems. It offers lumbar support by means of a cushion that inflates and deflates thus moving the spine and increasing circulation while you are sitting. It has been used by truck drivers and airline pilots for many years. So, hooked on the description, I decided to see for myself. The BackCycler is made by an oufit in Wisconsin and was invented by an orthopedic doctor. I ordered from the manufacturer's site (which also offered the best deal) and the product arrived quickly. It was a handsome gray valour type fabric over a curved cushion. It came with a remote control that regulated the amount of infation and deflation and a speed adjustment to regulate the cycle of inflation and deflation. It stays on for one and a half hours unless you manually turn it off. It is attached to a black box like object that hums merrily away when it is on and cycling. I attached it to my computer chair and experienced it for myself. With my back, I didn't find it all that comfortable sittlng. Maybe that was my shape. My daughter experienced it also and didn't complain about the comfort level. So maybe it was just me. She had a hard time feeling it when it was inflating, etc. I felt it easily and would have been more pleased with it had the cushion been more comfortable. I've been using it sporatically and will be trying it on different chairs for using while I'm reading. I would recommend this with reservations. Not everyone's back is the same and being of short stature maybe I didn't fit the "one size fits all" catagory.

Basking Ridge, NJ


Raffel Systems BackCycler

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