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Radius Toothbrush

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Funky but Effective


Don't judge a book by its cover or a toothbrush by its head. The Radius Toothbrush might be a bit funny looking, but it is by far the best toothbrush I have ever owned! It is so comfortable but also effective. The soft bristles gently rid my teeth of tartar that collects so easily. I have a problem with my saliva being too rich in calcium, so tartar becomes plaque quickly. But not with the Radius! It effectively cleans my teeth and gums, leaving them feeling totally fresh and smooth. There's no residual gritty feel that some toothbrushes leave behind. Like the name, it offers an allover clean that is deep and wide, as it is able to cover the entire surface of each tooth. Another big bonus: this toothbrush is durable and lasts forever. Not literally, but so much longer than most toothbrushes on the market. My husband is really hard on toothbrushes, and only this one can withstand him! A stronger toothbrush means that you have to replace it less often (as long as you keep it clean, of course)! This translates into benefits for your wallet as well as the environment.



Husband loves his, I tossed mine...


I didn't warm up to the Radius toothbrush. I acquired several of these on sale years ago in both adult and children's sizes. I liked the brush, it is soft, flat and well made but there is one big problem that I never understood about the Radius toothbrush. They make them for left handed or right handed people and I am right handed. So when you go to use it to brush your teeth it only works well on one side of your mouth because of the angle of the brush handle. I never was able to figure that one out and I never warmed up enough to mine to continue using it although I certainly did try to because I liked the rest of the design. However, my husband kept the one that I got him and actually really likes it. So there you have it, you can't please all the people all the time. I got rid of my Radius because I couldn't get over the handle issue that meant I couldn't get it to work on both sides of my mouth!

Amherst, MA


My favorite toothbrush!


My parents used to use Radius toothbrushes when I was younger and I always thought they looked so funny. Now, as an adult I have tried these toothbrushes and understand why they are so popular; I love them! The head on the toothbrush looks huge, but the bristles are actually very soft so you get the benefit of hitting the whole surface of the tooth and also massaging the gums as well (this is important for preventing gingivitis). Once you have brushed with the Radius, your mouth feels really clean, and you feel like you've made a little less effort as well. The other great thing about these toothbrushes is that they last for months (I believe it is recommended to change them twice a year). I use hydrogen peroxide to keep them clean and then use them until they are really worn out. It's nice not to have to constantly buy new toothbrushes, and it's great not to be throwing more toothbrushes away from an environmental perspective.

Irmo, SC


love everything about it! the feel, the pressure - t's great!


This is a great, simple product!  Innovative design that really redefines the comfort of a toothbrush!  It fits comfortably in your hand and though it looks big or akward - it's not at all!  Who knew a toothbrush could be effectively redesigned!

Fairlawn, OH


Funny looking but works great


Although this toothbrush looks nothing like a regular toothbrush --- much bigger head, wider grip pad, available for both right hand and left hand users -- it is amazing. The Radius toothbrush is truly a hidden secret. Once you get over its strange size and large brush head and put it in your mouth you will never go back to a regular toothbrush. It is a bit expensive and difficult to find. The website is radiustoothbrush.com. I found out you can now find them at Whole Foods. It is absolutely worht the search and the price. My dentist is always impressed with how good my teeth and gums look and I will admit that I'm not a diehard dental floss user. Everyone I have introduced to the Radius toothbrush can't believe how great it is .... even my father likes it and is a committed user.

Chicago, IL


Radius Toothbrush

4.6 5