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Radio Shack
Radio Shack Wireless Headphones

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Very good headset


Purchased these for my husband 5 years ago. They haver performed above our expectations. Great sound, good battery life, great range that he can go outside and cut the grass and still listen to his racing on TV. He has worn down the ear muff portion and I am trying to find some replacements foam pieces hopefully. Design kinda big, wish they were smaller overall.

Westfield, IN


Dad never has the TV up loud anymore!


My dad's loft is right above the master bedroom in my parents' home. My mom typically goes to bed early and always complains that his TV is too loud. We bought these headphones for him and he loves them. Another added benefit is that they are too uncomfortable for him to lay down while wearing them so he now actually waits to get to bed to fall asleep!

Thompsontown, PA


Perfect for even a short walk!


When I bought these headphones, I wasn't sure what to expect. But they quickly blew me away. Not just in performance, or sound quality-- which it has in surplus, but for sheer range! I've been able to wear them out beyond the mailbox and still get crystal clear sound. The headphones themselves are incredibly comfortable, and very stylish to wear. They move naturally, and easily adjust to all sizes. The sound quality is spectacular. No dropped signals or interference to speak of with these babies: just pure, unadulterated sound. I've used them to listen to everything from music, to podcasts, to talk radio. With just a little configuring I was able to wire it to recieve input from multiple sources at the press of a button. And no matter the source, the result was always the same. It doesn't matter if it's television, stereo, the computer, or video games, Radio Shack's wireless headphones are beyond amazing. An audiophile's dream with a low price tag.

Olive Branch, MS


Weak, real weak, only lasted two months before they feel apart.


I bought these head phones and found that the range is very bad, and the ear muffs?!?!? fell apart in like two months I was very disappointed.I have since upgraded to the boss headphones and I'm much more satisfied. I think the material could have been better but the stuff they used was like drying out and falling apart it was weird.

Cherryville, NC


Radio Shack Wireless Headphones

3.8 4