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Radio Flyer
Radio Flyer Soft Rock & Bounce Pony

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Simple but effective


This is basically another version of the child rocker. Instead of a rocking chair this is a cute pony that rocks and sways to your baby's momentum. It's a great way for your baby to burn some calories as your little boy or girl must move and input some energy to make it sway and rock. The Pony is adorned pretty well and is colored appropriately with whites, reds, and blacks. The pony features handles on the head so that your baby can grasp the rocker and not fall over. By the way, my baby has rocked this Radio Flyer Soft Rock & Bounce Pony pretty hard and I can say confidently that there is no way a baby can sway this Pony so hard that it topples over. Of course, you child can topple over due to poor balance so you must supervise your child (just like always). Think of this rocker basically as a fancy chair that will entertain your child while simultaneously providing some exercise. All in all it's a great purchase and will satisfy your child for a long time.


South Pasadena, CA


Radio Flyer Soft Rock and Bounce Pony is fun


We received the Radio Flyer Soft Rock and Bounce Pony as a gift from a friend at our baby shower for our 2nd child. We put the toy away and when she was about a year old we took it out and put it together. Actually, our tween child put it together with a little of our help.  The hardest part about putting it together is getting the rubber springs attached. The directions that come in the box are more pictures and less written directions, but otherwise very easy to understand. This toy doesn't require a lot of tools to put it together. I also love that it is made by Radio Flyer. This brand has been around for many years and they have great customer service! One time we purchased a toy and it was missing a piece and we called and they sent it 2nd day UPS.    Overall, the toy is great. It is very durable and easily cleaned. The actual horse is cloth and can be removed and washed.  One negative is that this toy seems on the expensive side.  


Urbana, IL


Adorable and Fun!


We got the Radio Flyer Soft Rock and Bounce Pony for my 17 month old for Christmas.  The church nursery has one and she loves the one in there so we knew this would make the perfect present for her.  The horse is nice and friendly looking.  Christmas morning she woke up and saw the horse under the tree and was in love!  It's just the perfect height for her to climb on and off easily without assistance.  The body is really plush so I dont have to worry about her getting hurt.  I love that it has rubber bands to allow the bounce instead of springs so no worries about her pinching her fingers.  If the horse gets dirty, it's easy to pull off and throw into the wash.  This was really easy to assemble and seems pretty durable.  My 4 year old can even get on it and it doesn't break.  I think this will be in our house for a long time!  I love this horse and would recommend it to others anytime.


Colbert, GA


Super cute


My inlaws bought this for my toddler for christmas and I love it. It is a bit tricky to assemble I will say that. Nothing on it is pre-assembled you have to put it all together. The hardest part about putting it together is the rubber pieces that hold tention because it is so difficult to stretch them into place, I thought I would never get it together. The horse part is a cover that slips right over a platic mold and then velcros into place, I thought that was a nice feature because you could remove it if needed to wash in the washing machine....though I would probably lay it flat instead of throwing it in a dryer. It seems to be very sturdy and my little one just loves it so far. The only thing I would say negative about it is there is no adjustments that can be made so after a certain point my toddler won't be able to use it anymore. It would have been nice if it had different height levels.


Winston Salem, NC


rock and bounce pony


I bought this for my daughter when she starting to like horses.  I thought that maybe she would like this toy if I got it.  I remember when I had a radio flyer horse when I was a kid and I just feel like every kid needs one of these.  I like that it is a soft toy.  I also like the saftey features on it.  For younger children there is a saddle that they can sit it.  They are able to bounce without falling out and getting hurt.  I got this bounce pony when my daughter was about eighteen months old, so she could hold herself on and we removed the saddle.  I wish that I would have bought this when she was younger.  My daughter loves it.  I do not think the toy really rocks that great, but it is enough for her.  It is really a safe toy.  The size of the pony is not too bad.  It does not take up too much room.  The price is a little expensive, but it overall is a great toy and it would be worth it for you little one to enjoy.


Myrtle Beach, SC


Such a cute pony.


My husband and I bought the Radio Flyer Soft Rock and Bounce Pony for our two daughters.  We chose it because they are both able to play with it.  It has a removable infant seat that we put on it so we can sit our 9 month old in it and not have to worry that she will fall out.  It is easily removed for when our 2 year old wants to ride on it.  It plays music as well, and though I find it very annoying, the kids love it.  There are no springs for little fingers to get caught in.  Instead, it has stretchy rubber straps.  Much safer than springs.  It is a little pricey, but we think it was worth it because it is a joint present that both of them can use.  And they both absolutely love it.  Radio Flyer is a classic high quality brand.  There are no sharp edges on the pony for the kids to get hurt on.  It seems to have been designed with safety in mind.  My 2 year old loves to but on her cowgirl boots and outfit, climb on the pony and yell "Yee Haw!"  She learned that from my husband.  lol  It's so cute and it is such a joy to watch both of my kids enjoying this toy.  I highly recommend it.


La Rue, OH


Wanted to love this...


Our son loved his jumeroo and knowing that our family bought him this rocking/bouncing horse for his first birthday. They figured that he would love to jump in this just as much. I wish I could say he did.  Overall the toy is rather nice. seems like it is a good quality toy. It seems safe to. I do like that it has the option for removable infant seat. I think this makes the toy much better overall. The music the toy made was very irritating to us so we took the batteries out and it was much better. Overall It is a nice toy, I'm just thankful it was a gift and not something we spent that much money on.  Even though our son doesn't play on this much, if at all, other kids do seem to like it. We often have other kids over at our house and many of them do seem to play on this. No kid seems to go on it for very long, but they all do seem to at least try it and go back a few times. I don't think I would recommend anyone to purchase this as it is a lot of money and kids don't play on it for long periods of time. 


Onalaska, WI


a fun bouncy pony


This is a fantastic pony for children. I set the one that I bought up in the living room so that my son could have something to do while us adults talked or watched TV. This pony is the perfect size for little ones and my son is 2 and a 1/2 years old and loves riding on it. When my son uses this pony, he is able to bounce up and down, or he can go from front to back. This pony is very soft and it is nice for little bottoms to sit on for a long period of time. I wish that this came with a feature where the pony made a horse noise when my son rode on it because I think that would make it more fun to ride on. This is a very safe toy and the handles are easy for small hands to hold on to while they ride on it. The pony is nice because when my son rides on it there are no annoying noises or squeaks. It is perfect because he is able to use it when the baby is sleeping without worrying about waking her up with noise from a loud toy. The pony is very easy to assemble and the instructions that it came with were clear.


Hartford, CT


Son loves his horsie


I purchased the Radio Flyer rock and bounce pony on sale for a great price.  It was definitely worth it!  My son received his pony as a holiday gift this year (he was a year and a half).  He was in love with it immediately!  It was really easy to put together and didn't take very long.  I however, read through the directions very fast and made a mistake with assembly.  I used the wrong screws in one part and now there are a couple of holes in the plastic.  This is my fault but it would be nice if the plastic were a little thicker.  This horse is really light weight and my son loves to drag it from room to room where ever he wants to use it.  I actually think that's a great feature!  The fabric part that looks like the horse can be removed to be washed.  That is a great feature as we have two dogs in our house and the horse does seem to be a magnet for dog hair.  I wish the pony were a little bigger as I think my son may grow out of it soon (at 2).  He loves it but it does seem a little small for him. 


Arlington Heights, IL


my dughter loves the radio flyer bounce pony


the radio fler is a great value. little ones can use it because it has a little saddle ,but bigger kids can use it till they are three.the longer you can use a toy ,the better. my daughter loves it she uses it everyday


Tiffin, OH


Radio Flyer Soft Rock & Bounce Pony

4.5 11