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Santoku Knife
Rachael Ray
FUR826, FUR888
Rachael Ray Furi Gusto-Grip Forged Hollow Edge Santoku Knives

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only knife I use.


I got this knife a little while back and this is the only knife I use now. Whether I am chopping something small or large this is my go to knife. It stays sharp and when I sharpen it it stays sharp for a while. I am very clumsy in thr kitchen and have not cut myself with this knife. It has a great grip to it and does not slip out of your hand. The handle is very comfortable. It has a great design to it but it is the bes knife I have ever bought. I no longer use any knife but this, I even cut our Thanksgiving turkey with it. There is nothing this knife can not do. Comfort The handle to his knife is very comfortable. It has a good grip and goes back and forth with little effort. Performance Best knife I have ever purchased. Wonderful quality at a decent price. Durability Very durable, have had mine for awhile and it has not chipped, broke anything. The handle is still in great shape and as sturdy as the day I got it. Design Very colorful, bright and fun. Has a color appeal to it but actually does what it is suppose to, cut.



This colorful knife is versable and does it all


I thought I was probably wasting my money buying this knife but I thought I would give it a try. Sure am glad that I did as this knife is tough is sharp and will cut through almost anything. I use it a lot when cutting chicken breast when you want the meat cut neat and thin. This little jewel cuts all types of cooked meat in nice even slices. Comfort Fits almost any size hand and is quite comfortable when slicing. It works great when cutting raw meats or equally well on cooked meats. Performance The knife seems to be holding its sharpness and probably should always be hand washed but I will admit I throw it in the dishwasher for that extra sanitizing. Durability The handle is holding up well after being cleaned in a dishwasher and the blade is holding its sharpness. Design Love the shape/size and weight of this knife. The colored handle is just a bonus as it sure makes it easy to find it in the drawer. I think you will agree this is a unique, well used tool in your kitchen.

Peoria, AZ


Best Budget Knife, Quality at Low Price


This is absolutely the best INEXPENSIVE knife on the market today. This knife has a secure grip and feels great in the hand - a feature that excels even above my set of expensive high-end knives. The stainless blade holds an edge and does not discolor. Blade combines a firm front edge "Santoku" for all slicing and chopping . The wide blade and length allows the knife to rock against the cutting surface, makes it easy to cut, chop, slice. The rubber guard has antimicrobial inhibitors incorporated into the grip. Knife is forged for great balance and comfort, reduces fatigue when cutting. It is the comfort that really makes this my favorite "go to" knife. I own many knives, many are more expensive than this - but this IS my favorite. Comfort It is the comfort that really makes this my favorite "go to" knife. I own many knives, many are more expensive than this - but this IS my favorite. Performance Have owned this for 15 years and it is in excellent condition, continues to perform as when it was new. Works just as good as my more expensive knives. Durability After 15 years, it is still in great condition - solid - even though it is not made as well as my more expensive knives, it has held up just as well. Design Ah....did I mention the comfort. The blade is great and the comfort makes this my FAVORITE knife in the block. First one I grab every time - unless I am cutting something that requires a serrated blade such as tomato, bread, onion.

Thousand Oaks, CA


Rachael Ray Furi Gusto-Grip Forged Hollow Edge Santoku Knives

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