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Rachael Ray
Rachael Ray Enameled Aluminum Cookware Set

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Best pots!


I bought these on a whim on Black Friday because my pots I currently had were old and scratched. I love these pots...they are all non stick and so easy to clean. Best pots I have owned thus far.

New Iberia, LA


It's RACHEL RAY! What's NOT to love about it?


I love Rachels "enamel-coated" cookware set and ALL the new, trendy, color choices. I'm an AVID, Southern, hobby cook and have created/published more than 230 recipe titles of my own. I like the way the enamel cleans up so nicely with a glossier finish. It's nice when inviting guests to dinner and receiving the "Ooohs and Ahhhs" over what I'm cooking in. I don't mind serving BUFFET-STYLE, right off the stove, when I have lovely cookware that compliments my creative recipes. The handles don't get hot either, so it's always a PLUS not to have to reach for a potholder, with no worry of getting burned when checking the doneness of foods, during cooking stages! HIGHLY RECOMMEND all of Rachel Ray's #EnameledAluminumCookware, indeed~

Gardendale Birmingham, AL


Great Cookware


I absolutely love this cookware. I am shocked by how well these pans evenly distribute heat. I have never made an evenly toasted grilled cheese sandwiche in any other pan. My kids were shocked by how perfect their sandwiches were. I would highly recommend these pans to anyone.

Danbury, IA




Great set of pots and pans! I love using these when I cook. My food doesn't stick, the heat is evenly distributed and they are so easy to clean.

Indianapolis, IN


Wish they held up better


Got this set hoping it'd last awhile. They warped and started peeling within a couple months of light usage. Kept them out of dishwasher even but still ruined.



This Product is Amazing


I got this and was Amazed of the quality!


Love these pans


When cooking the pans stay a study temperature and I was able to teach my daughter how to cook with this set. The pans were not to heavy, they were easy to clean and when she accidentally burnt a dinner it was simple to clean up. The lids were able to go on different pots for easy use.I took the lid off of my skillet and placed it on the pot with no problem. My food came out perfect.

Colfax Wa




I am impressed with this pot. I love the spout to drain my pasta. The lid is awesome too! The handles never get hot so I no longer need a pot holder. I cooked Spaghetti in it and lasagna, and chicken and roast. I just can't stop using it! I hand washed it because it said to and it's to big to put it in the dishwasher anyways. I wished I had this a long time ago. I got it as a sample and I must say it's the best pot I ever had. I can see thru the glass lid also. The lid is 14 inches by 10 inches. The pot is inside 13 by 9 inches. The handles to handle is 17 inches. The color is beautiful and rich looking. It is made with hard enamel and that's a good feature. It's all non stick interior and those grippy handles are awesome because I really get a hold of the pot with out slipping. The lid is tempered glass. The oval shape is what I like most because I can make spaghetti with out breaking it to fit the pot. My lasagna fits right in there and never breaks. Love it! It fits one burner too! It makes 8 quarts. This has to be my favorite pot and I probably will buy all of the other ones she make now. It cleans up easy.



I absolutely am in love!


Great and durable non-stick cookwear for any home chef. Also great to give as a gift!

Marble Falls, Texas




what a beautiful set.big fan of rachael ray.love all her cookware.very durable and easy to clean.food doesnt stick to pans and very affordable!



Rachael Ray Enameled Aluminum Cookware Set

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