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RL Flo-Master
RL Flo-Master Garden Sprayers

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Working for a home improvements center, in the lawn and garden department, we have the ability to try everything we carry. During one of our garden road shows, (this is where all our vendors get together to try and sell their product so we can sell them better) we were given hand sprayers to take home and use.I was given the one gallon and 2 gallon size. I prefer the one gallon for the inside pest control and the larger one for outside.Anyway, I have to admit, that the 2 gallon size is far better than the others we carry at work. I really liked the higher quality of the RL Flowmaster. Why? Well for one thing, it has a brass wand. If you have ever used a pump sprayer with a plastic wand, you know how crummy that are. they get clogged up, they bend and they don't last long. That's way they only last a year.But the Brass wand and the RL Flowmaster come with a 5...yes 5 year warranty! I don't know of any others that comes with that! RL stands behind their product and there are no questions asked if for some reason you have to return one.Another feature with the RL Flowmaster unit is the safety valve. When you are done using your sprayer and you try to open it without releasing the pressure, serious injury can result. Not so with the RL model. Just pull the safety valve and it instantly releases the pressure. You can safely open your sprayer to refill or clean it.All the RL Flowmaster tank sprayers are versatile. You can use them outside as well as inside. If you have delicate flowers such as orchids and need to water or apply a pesticide, use the one gallon size or the 3 pint size. they have many sizes to select from for any job.I also have used my 2 gallon size to apply bleach to the roof. But be cautioned when doing this. You must treat all the rubber seals and gaskets with silicone before and after doing this. Bleach or other harsh chemicals can cause damage to your unit.I highly recommend this unit to anyone who wants to do it yourself. Weather it be for pest control inside or outside. RL Flowmaster is the top of the line and they stand behind their product.


Hudson, FL


RL Flo-Master Garden Sprayers

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